After The Shot Drops: The Movie

My Movie

Plot, Character, Setting, and Mood

· Explain how you figured out what your Avatar would look like.

I figured out what my avatar would look like by taking inspiration from the few lines in the book referencing the physical features of the characters in the book. Also, I had a few mental snapshots of what characters looked like by reading how they talked.

· How did you choose the plot points?

I chose the plot points by reading the book and going through the most important parts a few times over to find the plot point that started the chain of events leading to the book’s climax.

· Explain how you figured out the setting in your story. Why is the setting significant to the story?

I found the book’s setting because it was talked about multiple times throughout the book, and the starting chapters explained the most prevalent setting. The setting is significant to the story because it sets the mood, era, theme of the book, etc.

· Explain what the word mood means and how/why you picked the song that you picked?

The word mood means how they feel in a certain situation or the type of situation that the characters are in. I picked the song I picked because the book was fast-paced and had a lot of action and excitement in it.

Core Competency Reflection

In discussions and conversations, I help to build and extend understanding by speaking in simpler words or explaining my words better while engaging in meaningful conversations with my peers.

This is how I select images and words to create an impact for different audiences: By reading the page over and over again and imagining to myself what words would impact me the most if I were the reader reading it for the first time. Pictures are similar I look up multiple pictures online and compare them to see which picture would strike me the most as a reader.

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I take a break and go outside for a walk or eat a little snack to help myself forget about work for a little bit and come back energized and focused.

Self Assesment

These are my 2 labs, the first one is the egg dropper and the second one is my golf tower.

Curricular Response

I think the way that the egg dropper and golf tower helped me understand the scientific method better was because it helped me use my deductive learning skills to help improve the tower and the dropper during high-pressure situations and under a time crunch. It also helped me understand the scientific method on a deeper level because I understood why we need to develop a hypothesis to help with the build. My inductive learning skills were also utilized during these labs for example during the golf ball tower lab it helped me understand why my tower wasn’t standing by itself and I solved the problem by fixing the base causing it to stand up on its own. Doing the labs also helped me understand the scientific method by helping me understand why we need a hypothesis and why we need to test it out to understand if our hypothesis is correct or incorrect.

Core Competency Self Assessment and Creative Thinking

  1. The scientific lab I am the proudest of is the golf ball tower because we were halfway through building the tower when we realized that our tower couldn’t hold the weight of the golf ball and would collapse under its weight we quickly restarted our tower and built a tower which could hold the weight of the golf ball and succeeded. The reason I am the proudest of this lab is because it showed my ability to scrap things that weren’t working and quickly rebuild the tower bigger and better.
  2. My experience doing the two labs helped me increase my knowledge of the scientific method by showing me why we need to make a hypothesis and test our hypothesis. It also showed me why recognizing a problem is crucial to the scientific method and overall helped me understand why we use the scientific method during experiments to help us succeed.
  3. A) I demonstrated that I can create new things when I built the egg dropper under pressure by myself and used the scientific method to assist me during the construction of the build.
  4. B) I demonstrated that I can build on the ideas of others when I helped my partner to build the golf ball tower to a height of 2’0. It might not have been the tallest tower in the class but we finished higher than many people and we had to scrap our plan halfway through because our tower’s base wasn’t strong enough to hold the golf ball.
  5. C) When trying new things, I expect setbacks and failure and use them to develop my ideas. An example of this from the Scientific Method labs would be having to scrap the golf ball tower halfway through and building a new one with less than half of the time remaining and still finishing above many people in the class.