Physics 11 Core Competencies Reflection


“Through their communication, students acquire, develop and transform ideas and information, and make connections with others to share their ideas, express their individuality, further their learning.”

In Ms. Curran’s Physics 11 class whenever we are learning a new concept or idea, we are always put into group work as this may help individuals understand these new concepts with the help of their friends. Through group work, I not only learn from my peers but also actively work on my collaboration skills. Furthermore, through talking and applying these concepts to actual problems my partners and I are able to “rally” ideas between one another to understand the concepts more than we would have alone. Through the help of my peers rallying Ideas with me in group work, I have been to actively work on my core competencies which have made me a much better student.

Graphing Quadratic Functions in Vertex form

Written Response

My quadratic function is very different compared to its parent function. This is shown through its many added variables, this includes the a, h, and k which all represent different transformations and parts of the graph. Seen in my graph, the vertex of my parabola is (-6,-5) this not only represents the h (-6), but also represents the k, which is equal to -5. The h represents multiple things in the graph, it represents not only the amount the parabola is shifted left or right, but also the axis of symmetry. Evident within my graph, as the h is equal to -6, the graph is shifted left 6 units, and also the axis of symmetry is x = -6. Similar to h, the k represents multiple parts of the graph; this includes the range, min/max value, and how much it is shifted up or down the y-axis. Seen in my graph, as the k is equal to -5, not only is the range less than or equal to -5, but also the minimum value is also -5. Therefore, the whole parabola is also shifted down 5 units. Lastly, the a may be one of the most influential variables of the vertex form, not only does it show if the parabola is stretched or compressed, it also displays whether the parabola is opening down or up. This can be determined through looking at the value of a to evaluate whether a is larger than 1, or a fraction between 1 and 0 and whether it’s negative or not. For example, as my a was equal to -2, it represents that my graph will have a more compressed parabola opening towards the negative quadrants.

Self Evaluation

  1. I represented the fundamental mathematical ideas in multiple ways through representing the differences that h, k, and a represent within an equation.
  2. Evident within my paragraph, I have demonstrated a sophisticated amount of mathematical vocabulary. This is shown through the use of terminology as vertex, axis of symmetry, and an extended amount of vocabulary first presented to students.
  3. Not only did I include all necessary information about my parabolas on my graph, I also presented the information in my paragraph in a clear concise manner, addressing all appropriate information one by one.

Facing a Challenge


When I first encountered this problem, I found it challenging not due to a lack of understanding, but rather the abundance of different techniques and steps that an equation like this requires.

The mistake I continued to make would be forgetting to foil as it was difficult for me to recognize the difference between a monomial and a binomial when radicals were involved. Not only this, but I also struggled with the organization of my equations, which led to me often forgetting crucial components that were necessary to the final answer.

To combat these obstacles, I asked my father to tutor me. My father graduated from Seoul University as a math major. Due to this, he’s a very reliable and sophisticated tutor, as he can set me on the right path better than most other tutors. I also practice quite regularly through either the worksheet or through practice questions given to me by my father. Through this, I can easily gain a foundation that I can build upon.

In order to complete a question like this, an individual must understand the basics of algebra, the basics of understanding radicals, exponent laws, multiplying/dividing/adding/subtracting radicals. “FOIL”-ing, factoring trinomials, simplifying radicals, being able to find restrictions, and checking your final answer

The next time I encounter a difficult problem, I will first try to solve based upon my prior knowledge and foundation, if I’m able to get through it, I would go back and correct any mistakes. If I’m not able to solve it, I would either ask a teacher, parent, or search it up on YouTube. Once I have no questions left and I’m able to solve it with little to no guidance, I would find practice questions and continue to strengthen my methods and technique until I fully understand the concept.

English 10 Reflection – Aaron


I personally enjoyed the passion project due to its ability to stimulate both creative and critical thinking. I say this due to its ability to extend my writing skill, through structual practice and discipline following a schedule provided by the teacher. Furthermore, due to the creative freedom regarding the topic of the project, students were able to write an essay about something passionate to each of us. Due to this, students were able to write an essay on something we had previous knowledge on, this allowed us to focus solely on the structural aspect.

Curricular Competencies Reflection

I demonstrated the curricular competencies of create and communicate. I learned a multitude of different things, such as understanding strucual integrity is more important than big words which made the essay confusing. I did this through showing constant improvement in my writing which made a sophisticated, concise essay. Overall, due to the main focus of this essay being on the structual integrity of an essay, I was able to to climb the proficiency scale.

Core Competencies Reflection

I demonstrated the core competency of personal and cultural identity through the showing of my greatest passion, with the culture of others. I showed others why rap was a brilliant genre despite the view of dominent society, through this, I showed my personal opinions and experiences on why and how rap was the best genre. Similarly, I showed how rap often has an impactful influence on others through its lyrics.

English 10 Reflection

Something I’m proud of – Bohemian Rhapsody Essay

Personally, I’m most proud of this essay as I made it as sophisticated as I could, while still conveying the artistic choices that were prevalent in this movie. This essay allowed me not only to expand my writing style and word choice but also allowed me to get comfortable with the essay formatting which will allow me in future circumstances. For example, the stylistic word choice is seen in most of the essay, this allowed the reader to understand and connect to the points given.

In this essay, I believe I grew the core competency of creative/reflective thinking, specifically,”I can analyze evidence to make judgements”. The main problem I had during this essay was trying to draw a conclusion and create a concluding sentence and paragraph. I combatted this through advice from my peers, teachers, and families, who ultimately made my essay better. For example, the concluding paragraph was written by me, but edited by my sister who made meaningful remarks and ultimately tied the whole essay together. Ultimately, through the advice and remarks from my peers, I was able to analyze my essay as a whole, along with making judgment calls to change my overall essay for the better.

Math 10 Reflection – Aaron Kim

In Ms. Rands Pre-Cal 10 course, we learn many new things and many new techniques in order to solve equations in a timely manner, the way we learn these new techniques is through group work. Many may see group work as an unnecessary step in understanding foundations, but group work is a necessity as you can see the perspective of others while still obtaining your own point of view. Through this, you can find new ways to understand and strive for a better understanding in math. Personally, group work has been beneficial as it gives me an opportunity to help other students, and extend my knowledge from what it used to be. In group work, I mainly try to understand the topic as fast as I can, then help my peers if they start to struggle. 

​Tests have never been my strong suit, due to this, I must study twice as hard to compensate for the “test anxiety”. Out of the degrees my father has, he has a math degree, due to this he questions me and studies me on the subject, in this case polynomials, and as he analyzes my capabilities, he makes and pulls questions off the internet for me to study and solve with him. This lasts 2-3 hours on the day prior to the test. In other words, I study with my father who is an amazing robot-tutor.

Metalworking 10 Reflection

As a part of the metalworking 10 course located in Centennial Secondary we must make two dice that have a relatively even shape, size, and overall sleek-ness that proves the bare minimum of our understanding for this course. Furthermore, this project is used to teach us and get us comfortable with the machinery, rules, and overall technique of this course. Metalworking, welding, drilling and everything about this course is brand new to me, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced working with metal, the most I’ve done was woodworking. I feel as though this is a little evident through my work done in this course; my measurements are good, my cuts are clean, my welding is okay for my first time, but strangely enough, my tacks have been subpar at best. My first dice that I tacked together, the gas wasn’t on which led to a cavernous and overall ugly tack. While this should usually be an easy fix by grinding only the tack down, I got rid of the whole tack which grinded the actual dice down as well. My plan to fix this is to sand and clean up the edges I’ve made and attempt to tack it all back and try to work with the uneven-ish edges. In the future, I can make sure I’m fully set up and go through a physical and mental check to ensure I am good to weld or tack. Here is my progress and some of the tools I’ve used which are attatched.