Math 10 Reflection – Aaron Kim

In Ms. Rands Pre-Cal 10 course, we learn many new things and many new techniques in order to solve equations in a timely manner, the way we learn these new techniques is through group work. Many may see group work as an unnecessary step in understanding foundations, but group work is a necessity as you can see the perspective of others while still obtaining your own point of view. Through this, you can find new ways to understand and strive for a better understanding in math. Personally, group work has been beneficial as it gives me an opportunity to help other students, and extend my knowledge from what it used to be. In group work, I mainly try to understand the topic as fast as I can, then help my peers if they start to struggle. 

​Tests have never been my strong suit, due to this, I must study twice as hard to compensate for the “test anxiety”. Out of the degrees my father has, he has a math degree, due to this he questions me and studies me on the subject, in this case polynomials, and as he analyzes my capabilities, he makes and pulls questions off the internet for me to study and solve with him. This lasts 2-3 hours on the day prior to the test. In other words, I study with my father who is an amazing robot-tutor.

Metalworking 10 Reflection

As a part of the metalworking 10 course located in Centennial Secondary we must make two dice that have a relatively even shape, size, and overall sleek-ness that proves the bare minimum of our understanding for this course. Furthermore, this project is used to teach us and get us comfortable with the machinery, rules, and overall technique of this course. Metalworking, welding, drilling and everything about this course is brand new to me, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced working with metal, the most I’ve done was woodworking. I feel as though this is a little evident through my work done in this course; my measurements are good, my cuts are clean, my welding is okay for my first time, but strangely enough, my tacks have been subpar at best. My first dice that I tacked together, the gas wasn’t on which led to a cavernous and overall ugly tack. While this should usually be an easy fix by grinding only the tack down, I got rid of the whole tack which grinded the actual dice down as well. My plan to fix this is to sand and clean up the edges I’ve made and attempt to tack it all back and try to work with the uneven-ish edges. In the future, I can make sure I’m fully set up and go through a physical and mental check to ensure I am good to weld or tack. Here is my progress and some of the tools I’ve used which are attatched.