Stock Market: Self Assessment

Curricular Response

  1. Stock vs Bond
    • a. Stocks make you a part owner of a company, and bonds make you a part lender to a company
    • b. Stocks have better returns
  2. Risk
    • a. High risk is correlated to high reward
    • b. Diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple different places
  3. Balance
    • a. A good balance between percentage of stocks and bonds
    • b. Buying and selling stocks and bonds to return to the ideal percentages

Core Competency Self Assessment

  1. I used the information our teacher gave us during the class to help me answer the questions.
  2. Investing definitely has become a more approachable concept to me, mainly because I understand how it works a bit better now.
  3. Learning about how badly credit cards trap you in debt by allowing you to only pay the minimum payment is quite enlightening, and I’m definitely going to be cautious about that when I get a credit card of my own.

PHE 9 AH Reflection

My Feeling Emoji


Health and Wellness Core Competency Reflection

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I clear my mind completely, block out unhelpful thoughts and direct all of my focus on the thing I need to do. For example, when we are playing a game that requires some form/degree of precision, such as say, badminton or softball, and I miss the birdie with my racquet or the softball with the bat, I try my best to block out all negative thought and just focus on succeeding the next time I get a chance. It can feel even worse when you are playing a team game where your performance affects other players (and they’ll be sure to let everyone on the planet know of their disappointment, even though some of them couldn’t score if their life depended on it). But I can easily block that out and just focus on the task. This also means that I don’t make a big deal about it when I fail, neither do I make a big deal and rub it in when I succeed.

I would like to get better at soccer and lacrosse next year. I got better at them during this semester, but there’s room to improve.

Guitar Reflection

Outsider’s Blues Guitar Ensemble

Curricular Competencies Reflection

I have shown skills through this “Outsider’s Blues” guitar ensemble by playing an important part of the song along with a group. I’ve also learned to read and play guitar tabs and gotten smoother with finger movements. A skill I would like to improve on is fingerpicking, and I’ll do this by practicing more in my free time. My plan for continuing to play guitar in the future is to continue practicing and learning new songs at home, now that I have my own guitar.

Core Competencies Reflection

During this performance I demonstrated communication by discussing with my group on how we can better keep time with each other to sound better together. We then decided to use a metronome so as to better keep in time. We also tried our best to listen to each other playing so that if one person got lost or slowed down, they could easily recognize where the group is and catch up.