Food Truck Menu Brochure Reflection

The three core competencies that I demonstrated during this assignment were: Evaluating and developing, Designing and developing, and Reflecting and assessing.

The first one because to make this brochure I had to evaluate myself and develop the brochure

the second because there was definitely a design aspect for this assignment partially due to my part

The third because when I thought I was done the assignment I had to reflect and assess myself and my brochure to make sure that it was ready/up to my standards to be handed in.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Questioning and investigating


This image shows questioning and investigation by looking at the different stages of the cell cycle in an onion root. I investigated by looking at the cells and asking myself what stage of the cell cycle is this cell in? I questioned by rethinking my guess of the cell cycle to know that my guess of the stage of the cell was correct.

My First Year

My Grade 9 Year

This first year in high school has been pretty good. I thought it would have been a lot more difficult then it was. The thing I was most excited about was the freedom that I now have in high school for example instead of having lunch monitors we can go wherever we want to like 7/11 or the gas station. Another thing I like about high school is the more self motivated work that we have like this assignment. One thing that I miss about middle school is my friends because most of them are still in middle school.

My Useful Educational Video

I find that this video motivates me to get stuff done:

My Useful Educational Image

A lot like the video i find this image motivates me to work:

My Educational Website

Lessons Worth Sharing | TED-Ed

Why I chose this website is because it has helped me understand some topics that I did not previously know about. They’re videos are awesome as well

My inspirational quote

“The only place to go from failure is to succeed”

-Tom Platz

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ADL Social Studies- Ethical Judgement

Reflection Questions- Is violence justified during a revolution/ protest?

A) how did the use of AI assist you in developing this project – the us of ai helped me in the writing process because i could’ve written it but it would take a long time

B) How did you ensure that the work you creates was still your own, rather than just the product of AI – using my own words instead of just copying and pasting the result

C) Did you agree with the position you had to argue? Why or why not? – yes because i agree with all my points i made in the presentation

Core Competency Reflection

Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposefully can be seen in my audio recording because i used my script

When I need to work collaboratively with people I don’t know well, I ask them questions to get the ball rolling

Carnival Table, Flyer, and Paragraph Reflection

The three Core competencies I demonstrated in this assignment are, self regulation, self determination, and develop and design. Self regulation because I needed to regulate how I make the flyer so that it is a good quality, self determination because I had a hard time with making the flyer and I needed to stay focused on what I needed to do, develop and design because I had a few bad attempts at making the flyer and I slowly developed it into what it is now.

Scale Factor Project Reflection

Finance Project Edublog Post

Core Competency Reflection

  1. Others find my feedback useful because I try to give constructive criticism instead of just being mean about what my feedback is.
  2. When I need to boost my mood or refocus I… This means if you’re having a hard time in class or anywhere focusing on something that you should be focusing on you get that focus back by doing an action that makes you focus again.
  3. I respectfully advocate for my needs by… This means if you need something or someone you respectfully ask and advocate for those needs.
  4. Something that I need to work toward is knowing the group is doing well when I hear/see something because if I don’t know the group is doing well then I don’t know when I need to ask for help or do something to keep the group going.

MONSTER Presentation Power Point Assignment: Self- Assessment

Curricular Response

Question a: I added images from the game to this slide, with an appropriate font for the presentation, the text was average density, and there was color from the image.

Question b: Is there anything you could change about this slide to improve it, if I had to make it again I would Add effects and maybe better picture quality. I would also probably make the text pop out more so it’s easier to see.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

A few things I might do differently if I was tasked with making something similar in next years english class is to probably spend more time on the quality of the presentation, spend more time on the information that I give, and probably give more context to the video game so that the audience is more knowledgeable in the subject so they know what I am talking about. If I were to choose a different monster I might want to choose something more mainstream so that the audience is more engaged in the presentation.

Advertisement Persuasion Project

My Advertisement

Persuasion Project Advertisement Techniques

​Persuasion Project Unit Reflection

It’s important to remember who benefits from advertisements because if it’s someone bad who’s benefiting then you don’t want to give your money to them.

One form of advertisement that is effective is testimonial because if a doctor tells me a medication is safe the I’m inclined to believe them.

An advertising technique that is effective in selling a product is testimonial because if my favorite actor is telling me to eat a slice of pizza from this one place then I usually want it.

Core Competency Reflection

When there was disagreement within the group, I found it helpful to talk to them because communication is key to a successful group. If I ever found my group was stuck or lost doing the project, then I helped them through it.

I respectfully advocated for my needs on this project by raising my hand and talking to the teachers when I was stuck or needed any help. For example when I had a hard time uploading my video to teams I asked Ms. Mcrae for help.

An example of where I built upon someone else’s ideas is when Mr. Ruditch said I could use any photo that I’ve taken for the advertisement. I built upon that idea by looking through my photos and choosing the tank photo.