a Spanish conversation

Me and my partner Tevin wrote our paragraph about what normal people would talk about in schools. I enjoyed this project but also found it challenging to try to convert sentences in English to sentences in Spanish since they don’t directly translate.

core competencies.

I asked and responded to questions to be an activity, our whole conversation was asking and answering questions.

I take on my role and responsibility in a group. me and my partner both did a equal amount of work.

I can identify and describe my qualities. i described myself in one part of our conversation.

I find it easy to be part of a group. I strive in group setting and i do my best work with others.

I intend on working towards. I encourage others to share there voices and value divers perspectives.

My parabola.

My parabola is in red, and the basic parabola is in blue (f(x)=x^2). As you can see from the graph above my parabola is flipped, wide, moved up one and forward 7. The -1/3 in my equation makes my parabola flip upside down because of the negative and make it wider because the value is in between 1 and 0. This is the A value. My parabola is moved forward 7 because of the -7 in the brackets beside the x. Whenever we have a negative number in this place, we always move it forward on the grind and we move it back if its positive. This is called the H value. the reason the parabola is moved up one is because of the very last number. Unlike the H value this number move the parabola up or down the same direction as the positive or negative value Infront of it. This is called the K value.

Facing a Challenge

A question I found difficult during the first chapter was question 4 on the 1.7 practice handout. When I first tried it was a new concept that I wasn’t very familiar with. so I tried using the knowledge I have to solve the equation but all my answers didn’t fit into the problem and its restrictions. I used the answer key on OneNote to look through the work for the first couple steps to get back on the right path. If I ever got stuck again I would look back to the notes. If the notes didn’t show me what I needed I would ask my neighbors to see what they did. I needed to remember to do simple math and factor like we did at the start of the year. As well as trying to move all terms to one side to make one side of the equation = 0. Next time I encounter a difficult problem I will recall everything we have learned so far in this course and remember simple math steps and use what I know to solve.