Graphing your face Pre-calculus 12

How I did it:

First I tried to take a picture that would symmetrical to make it easier for me. Then I looked which graphs would fit the best to my features. For my took for example used many reflected, extended or compressed parabolas. For my nose i used circles with restriction and for my cheek bones I used the cosine function. But the original cosine function is horizontically, so I needed to turn it and make it vertically by changing x ans y in the function. To move it 7.5 to the right I did (x-7.5) it gets translated horizontically. Then I put a minus in front of the cosine function to change the direction of the bulge. And then I expanded it a lot to make it less wavy.

Personal awareness and responsibility

A personally aware and responsible individual takes steps to ensure their well-being, sets goals and monitors progress, regulates emotions and manages stress, and recognizes and advocates for their own rights.“


Students who are personally aware and responsible take ownership of their choices and actions. They set goals, monitor progress, and understand their emotions, using that understanding to regulate actions and reactions. They are aware that learning involves patience and time. They can persevere in difficult situations, and to understand how their actions affect themselves and others.

According to the profiles for Personal awareness and responsibility I personally fit the best to self-regulating. I can identify what topics I have have difficulties with or if I need extra help. For example when I realized that I needed some help, I got myself a tutor. We only met two times so far, but it was extremely helpful.

I always try to do my best, although I know sometimes it can be frustrating. But I have my own goals which I want to archive. And from time to time I need to adjust my goals to keep them realistic, but I never give up. If the grades are dropping it’s only a sign to work harder for the next time, because we cannot change the past, but we can learn from it.

One of the things I learned the most was personal responsibility. Managing my classes who require more effort, especially Pre-Calculus 12 where I need to manage the time to watch the videos while taking notes and studying the material by myself and after that also doing the homework in the workbook. And after that I also have other homework to do. All that I need to do with 16 years in a different country, in a different language without my family around me.

Chemistry-Titration Lab 20C

Curricular Competency Explenation

What is a Titration?

With the help of special a technique, Titration, we can determine the concentration of an unknown solution. For this we use the data of the known solution (titrant), which is usually added from a buret to a known quantity of the analyte (unknown solution). To see if the reaction is complete or neutralized we often use phenolphthalein as an indicator, which leads to change of colour.

What is the titration used for in this lab?

Its purpose is to find out the unknown concentration of a hydrochloric acid solution by comparing it with the moles of sodium hydroxide. Because if we know the number of moles of sodium hydroxide, we can figure out the moles of hydrochloric acid and calculate its molarity.

What is the endpoint (or equivalence point)of a titration?

The equivalence point for an acid-base titration is the point at which a certain amount of acid has been neutralized with the corresponding amount of base.

How do you know that you have reached the endpoint of titration?

To determine the equivalence point, you have to add step by step the measurement solution that chemically converts your test solution. If you have added so much measure solution that your test solution has been completely chemically converted, you have reached the equivalence point.

What was your result?

We used 0.0006571 mol hydrochloric acid. The Molarity we calculated was 0.0657 mol/l.

Core Competency Reflection


Communication was really important to me and what helped me a lot during the lab. I think Jiwoo and I are a pretty good team, because we always share our notes or listen to each other if someone has an idea to improve the efficiency of the lab. And with the help of communication we divided the tasks fairly, tried to explain it to one another if we weren’t sure. Especially in this lab we shared a lot of thoughts and talked about how to proceed with the lab. But I didn’t only use the communication skills with my lab partner, also with people on the same table or this class. We all have the same goal, to make this lab work, that’s why I like that we help each other and share information.

Core Competencies – Studio Art 11/12

„I can plan ways to make my message clear and engaging for my audience and create communications that focus on a variety of purposes and audiences.“

For this drawing I had the opportunity to come out of my comfort zone. I needed to make a plan how to make them as detailed as possible, so they would like my own eyes. I first started doing pictures of my eyes with different emotions. Then I divided the pictures of my own eyes with lines in different sections. Then I drew vertical and horizontal lines and measured them to be parallel over the image of my eye creating somewhat of a grid. I used this to draw an enlarged version of the image while keeping proper proportions. Although it’s suppose to represent a certain emotion, it still leaves room for interpretation and different messages.