Technology well-being reflection

how I manage stress in life is to do it so I can get it over with motidaye relax

How technology impact my stress this year is when I don’t now how to do something online or when I don’t now something

How technology helped me get rid of stress is when I watch YouTube video or text with friends and familys

About Me

My Bio

I like to play basketball with friends

I like to play video game with friends

My favorite food is lasagna

My Favorite link

I like YouTube because I can watch what I like

My Favorite video

I want to be like him by being a good shooter and a good ball handler like him

My Favorite Image

Brooklyn Nets Basketball - Nets News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More - ESPN

I like this image because its my favorite team in the NBA


you only fail when you stop trying

this quote makes me to never give up on your dream