About Me

My quote

“Stay focused on your path while not letting the distractions around you deter you from accomplishing your goals” – Dan sawbel

Why I chose this quote

I chose this quote because as a student athlete use it to remind me that I should accomplish my goals and not let any distractions dig different paths that will make me achieve my goals slower than I would like to achieve them.

My favourite video
This is my favourite video because I really look up to the women Canadian team and I would love to play at their level when I get older. It’s really intriguing to watch them play especially if you watch them play live.
The photo I chose
I chose this photo because it was from one of my most favourite camping trips ever since I got to spend a bunch of time with my friends and their famlies and I really enjoyed getting closer to everyone during the trip.

The History of My Birthday

I was born on November 18th 2005

November 18th 1928 – The first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon was released which was “Steamboat Willie”

November 18th 1872 – Susan B. Anthony was arrested and charged with voting illegally.

November 18th 1916 – General Douglas Haig called off the 1st battle of the somme (WWI) where over 1 million people were either killed or wounded

My favourite website


This is my favourite website because I usually get a good amount of my volleyball equipment from such as kneepads, shoes and t-shirts. Plus if you go to the store the staff members are very friendly and they’re always willing to help if you need it.


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