Safety and Sanitation – #3

Omelet made Friday October 3rd

On Friday we walked into class washed our hands and sat down in our seats. Washing your hands as soon as you enter helps to keep any outside germs out, which is great especially in the foods room. We went over our recipe, watched a demo and got right to work. Before we start cooking we have to do 6 things first, they are as follows: put your phone away, put on an apron, tie up your hair, get recipe out, roll up sleeves and wash hands last once that is all done. We do those things to ensure we are being as clean and safe as possible before starting. When making omelets you have to make sure you cook your egg all the way through as well as your toppings to prevent illnesses. My partner Niya and I made sure that our eggs were completely cooked before adding toppings to the pan. Doing that ensures there is no risk of disease or sickness. Those are just a few reasons as to why I think Safety and Sanitation are important in the kitchen.

Communication – #4

Breakfast Hash made Tuesday October 6th

Yesterday my partner Niya and I made Breakfast Hash to conclude our breakfast unit (see photo above). I have had 3 different partners this unit but I think I worked best with Niya because, we both get along really well and help each other out. We both communicate what we want and who does what job so there is no confusion during the lab on who should be doing what. Niya and I shared cutting jobs, she grated the cheese and cracked the eggs while I was cooking the bacon and microwaving the potato. The reason I remember this is because we communicated prior to starting so that everything would be organized. It is important to have communication especially in the kitchen when there is so much happening at once. If your partner/group and you don’t communicate you could spill things, drop food, be rushed and so many other things that you just want want to have happen. The reason our food looked and tasted so good was because my partner and I talked so nothing was burnt, overcooked, undercooked, raw which gave us the best outcome. These are just a few examples of why I think communicating in the kitchen is super important.

My Most Memorable Food Experience:

Easter Dinner 2020

My most memorable food experience or memory is making Easter dinner this year. It is my most memorable experience because it was so different and weird for my family and I. Easter was in the middle of quarantine so we could not be with the rest of our family. Instead of doing nothing for Easter, my parents and I made a nice dinner. We would normally go to my grandparent’s house and my grandma would make the dinner, so this was actually really fun for us to do it ourselves. We made turkey, brussels sprouts, stuffing, gravy, veggie casserole and mashed potatoes. I was in charge of the mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts but helped out with everything. Not only did everything look really good, but it smelled and tasted even better.

All About Me :)

My Bio:

Hi, my name is Aislyn and I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. I have 2 older siblings – one sister and one brother. My sister Marin just graduated from Centennial in the spring, and my brother Evan is currently in grade 11 also at Centennial. Some of my favourite subjects in school are Food Studies, Art, and English. In my free time I like to watch Netflix, cook and bake, hang out with friends and play sports. The sports I like to play are box lacrosse and field lacrosse but, I played soccer for 10 years and ringette for 3 years. Some words that people in my life say are best used to describe me are passionate, outgoing, helpful and charismatic. Those are just a few interesting things about my life.

My Favourite Website:

This website is useful to me because I use recipes from it all the time.

All Recipes is my favourite website because I love to cook and bake. In a normal week I am probably making something in the kitchen six out of the seven days. I like to cook dinner for my family because it is fun for me and I enjoy it. Some of the things I like to make my family for dinner include: Stuffed peppers, pasta, barbecued chicken, caesar salad, stir fry and lot, lots more. I like to bake too, especially cookies, brownies, cakes, dessert squares, cupcakes and too many other things to name.

My Favourite Video:

This is a movie trailer for the movie ”Greater”. It is an underrated movie that not a lot of people have seen, but it is incredible. It premiered in 2016 but the first time I watched it was around November 2019. It teaches you that hard work and determination will help you achieve your dreams and that nothing in life is impossible. It is based on a true story which makes the movie even more meaningful. If you have Netflix you have got to watch this movie!

My Favourite Image:

Jalisco, Mexico March 2019

This is one of my favourite photos because it reminds me of such happy memories with my family. I took this photo in March of last year at the top of the Mirador Cerro de la Cruz observation deck in Puerto Vallarta. Mexico is one of my favourite places on earth and it is so beautiful there. My family has been going there since before I was born and I could never get tired of it.

My Favourite Quote

“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” -Anna Mary Robertson Moses

This quote is important to me because it is so powerful. To me it means that everyone is able to choose their own path in life, you have just got to pick the right one.