Where I’m from essay

My Paper

The writing process

The process of writing this essay wasn’t too difficult as my dad was very open about explaining how he got to where he is today. I honestly enjoyed talking to my dad about how he grew up, he was very easy to talk to. Some of the difficulties for me is remembering what my dad said to me, sometimes I found myself forgetting his story, so i would ask him again.

Core competences

Collaboration Prompts:

· I show others that I truly value their contributions by…

(I showed this by making a essay about my dads accomplishments.)

Personal Awareness and Responsibility Prompts:

· When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I…

(I asked my dad more questions if I ran out of ideas.)

Critical and Reflective Thinking Prompts:

· Others find my feedback useful because I…

(I give them proper feedback and i am 100 percent honest when i was editing peoples essays.)

Collaboration Prompts:

· When I need to work collaboratively with people I don’t know well, I…

( When I needed people to edit my essay asked some people I didn’t really know that well and communicated with them.) My goal for that is maybe to ask other people in my class next time because the people I asked I kind of knew except for one.