English 12 Writing: Self Reflection 

Curricular Response

I chose this as my artifact because I’m proud of my draft as my previous one wasn’t so good. This artifact is about the movie Get Out. My previous draft I was kind of all over the place with the point I was trying to get out, but with this one I feel more organized which made me feel good about it. Though I think its an improvement I feel as if I can still improve as I’m not finished with the write as it is a essay. But I thought making that progress from the previous one is a step to make a good essay for the topic, “Get Out”, movie by Jordan Peele.

Core competency self reflection

Think generally about you and writing: describe what writing is like for you? easy? Hard? Why is it easy or hard? Or what specific parts are easy or hard? Or what kinds of writing is easier or more enjoyable for you than others? Do you write outside of a formal school situation? How ? when? What is that like?

To me writing difficulty all depends on the topic and how passionate or interested I am on the topic. For some of the write ups I did this semester it was hard for me to grasp the topic which made me think really hard about what I wanted to write. But for things like the Get Out essay, when I got a sense of what was happening I felt like my ideas would flow into the page. I think the hardest part of writing the essay is definitely the “So What” and the thesis/generalization. I don’t tend to write outside of school, I think the most I’ve written outside of school was goals for myself and better habits. But i think occasionally it would be good to write to clear your head and have a better analyze on the movie and book you read/watched.

Where I’m from essay

My Paper

The writing process

The process of writing this essay wasn’t too difficult as my dad was very open about explaining how he got to where he is today. I honestly enjoyed talking to my dad about how he grew up, he was very easy to talk to. Some of the difficulties for me is remembering what my dad said to me, sometimes I found myself forgetting his story, so i would ask him again.

Core competences

Collaboration Prompts:

· I show others that I truly value their contributions by…

(I showed this by making a essay about my dads accomplishments.)

Personal Awareness and Responsibility Prompts:

· When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I…

(I asked my dad more questions if I ran out of ideas.)

Critical and Reflective Thinking Prompts:

· Others find my feedback useful because I…

(I give them proper feedback and i am 100 percent honest when i was editing peoples essays.)

Collaboration Prompts:

· When I need to work collaboratively with people I don’t know well, I…

( When I needed people to edit my essay asked some people I didn’t really know that well and communicated with them.) My goal for that is maybe to ask other people in my class next time because the people I asked I kind of knew except for one.