Most Successful Lab: Carrot Cake Muffin

For my most successful lab, it was the carrot cake. It was a moist orange muffin that I could smell all around the room. It smelt like carrots and was all similar shape and size. The muffin was soft and hot which made it taste a lot better. I chose this as my most successful lab because we made it with good teamwork and timing. While making the muffins, we didn’t overmix the dough, it was perfect. The communication was good and we worked as a team to complete making the muffins. We got all of the ingredients and measured it perfectly, and followed the recipe to make the muffins meet the product standards. We had a few challenges, and one challenge was pouring the dough into the muffin tray’s. We struggled with that and spilt a bit of the dough, but we overcame this by using two spoons to scoop up the dough so that it would make it easier to spread out. The greatest success into making this lab was how organized and prepared we were to make it. We mise en placed everything and read over the recipe a lot. After that we communicated what each of us were going to do and would help each other out if any of us needed help. It was a good team effort and we completed the lab with it tasting delicious and having time to eat it in class. I am most proud of us all working together and helping each other out, because normally groups are quite and don’t really talk or help each other out. But our group was the opposite, and we talked and did the work while having fun. The new skills I have learned while baking was that if you put dough into smaller dishes, it will cook faster. I also learned how to use the electric mixer so that it wouldn’t splash everywhere, which is useful because sometimes it splashes everywhere and it is annoying.


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