Dinner Home Lab

My Reflection

For my dinner home lab, I made a salad for my appetizer, a lasagna for my main dish and apple crumble for the dessert. I would say that this lab challenged me quite a bit because I had to plan out when I was going to buy all the ingredients I needed and when I was going to make and cook everything. The lasagna took the longest to make because I had to make meat sauce and a ricotta filling for the layers in the lasagna and then it had to bake for an hour. I have always watched and helped my nonna make a lasagna but I have never made one by myself before. The lasagna was probably the thing I was most proud of. All my food turned out great because everything was flavourful and well cooked. I got to practice my knife skills when cutting the apples into cubes and thinly slicing the onions and peppers for the salad. My family enjoyed the recipes that I made so that was a bonus. I absolutely would make these again because I loved how they all tasted and turned out.

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