What makes us who we are – final home lab

(Fried Tofu stuffed with rice)
(Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge)

I planned for my meal to be smooth, deliciously, soft, smelly. My meal was three dishes, the main dish is Udon, the side dish is Fried Tofu stuffed with rice and the appetizer is Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge.

(The picture that I’m the main)

The Udon was smooth, salty, soft, smelly. Fried Tofu stuffed with rice was yellow, sour, soft and sweet. Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge was white, sweet, smooth and salty. The taste was quite the same but the appearance was different. For example, the Fried Tofu stuffed with rice didn’t look clear.

I believe I showed strength in the seasoning and cutting skills because I usually forgot to taste foods in order to season the soup, so the foods were salty. Moreover, I didn’t cut well any ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. There had lots of time to cut and chop ingredients, but I can cut well and quickly now.

(The picture that I’m cooking)

These dishes are common so we can enjoy them whenever. Udon and Fried Tofu stuffed with rice are actually Japanese foods, but we usually eat Korean version in Korea. I think Korean influence Japanese because Korea is close to Japan. Finally, in Korea, we usually eat Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge when we sick or tasteless.


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