Core Competency Self-Assessment

Social Awareness & Responsibility in BCA 12

I am writing this after reading whole page of ‘Social Awareness and Responsibility’.

  • Core competency is an important special capability or expertise, especially that of a business affording it sustainable competitive advantage.  
  • The most obstacle is knowing about myself when I encountered when working on my core competency skill. Describing and introducing myself to others is difficult because I didn’t think how much skills do I have or can use.  After reading this, I learn about the meaning of core competency skills that include various basic knowledge such as building relationship or valuing diversity.  
  • A core competency can be used in anywhere because we should recognize social awareness and responsibility for improving quality of our life, even in the school. I believe this skill is important to everyone in order to lead the development of markets’ services and products. It should be difficult to win among the competitors, but it will expand variety of markets.  

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