Our Utopian City: Cyneford City

Cyneford City: comes from the word “cynefin”, a place where a being feels its ought to live. It is where nature around you feels right and welcoming.

My partner and I created a city, incorporated with our shared values. These values are Religion, Education, Privacy, Health, Sports and Peace. Religion is represented through the blue church on the top left of the city. I personally value Religion because it is a part my culture and affects the types of decisions that I make. Education is something that my partner and I value very much, and it is represented through the blue school to the right of the church. It affects our future and current habits that are a part of our growth. We chose to add gated communities to represent privacy, another thing we value. It ensures protection and freedom to make our own decisions without judgement. Both mental and physical health is important to us, and is represented through the hospital which you can find by the roof with 3 Hs. Our value of Sports is represented through the Stadium. Sports is one of the things that contributes to the value, Health, and sometimes our happiness. For me, it is a way that my family and I bond, as we cheer together when watching NBA and each other’s games. Lastly, peace is represented through the colours that the homes in the gated communities are supposed to look like: purple (although they look more red). Our idea of representing peace through the colour purple, came from the purple chakra, which symbolizes peace and serenity.

Communication Reflection

This project was about expressing one’s values through the elements of a city. As my partner, Sameera and I shared our values, we found that they were similar. We ended up with 5 values that we both shared. We worked together in the start of the design, like picking the setting, ideas of the buildings we should use, and how we could use these buildings to represent our values. The physical designing part, adding the buildings, creating the structures and making the roads was done by Sameera. Meanwhile, I worked on researching inspiration, and thinking of city name ideas that we felt fit the “vibe” that we were going for and that we wanted others to recognize. I had to work on this part a little bit out of school, but it wasn’t a problem because Sameera and I had already added each other on social media. To me, working with Sameera went smoothly. I have worked with Sameera for other projects before and am very familiar with her, as we have several classes together. Usually, I can find it difficult to share ideas with others, but Sameera is a considerate listener, who also knows when to engage in conversation. The first day we were able to finish more than half of the project, so I think that we did spend time efficiently. One thing I find that I could’ve done better, was my job in contributing to the visuals of the city. Specifically, the adding buildings and structures part. I assume Sameera found it tedious, having to put grass block and building one by one, and I could have asked if she wanted a break as I filled in for her. But, overall I think and hope that I did a decent job individually.


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