My First Year

My grade 9 year.

Wow. This year flew by really fast.

When I first came to this school, I had barely anyone I knew, I still remember the feeling of being in a place full of people I didn’t know. I don’t really know why I came to this school in the first place. I just wanted to try something new, I guess. I made a bunch of friends, somehow, and had lots of fun, in the end, I purely enjoyed hanging out with friends. I didn’t learn anything important in any of the subjects, the time that I spent with others and myself, with more life experiences taught me way more about- you know. Life and stuff.

A Useful Educational Website

A Useful Educational Video”

“A Useful Educational Image”

“An Inspirational Quote”

“The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance.”

Harvey Dent (Two face), The Dark Knight.


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  3. This image was a picture of my Japanese workbook.
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Advertisement Persuasion Project

My Advertisement

Persuasion and Advertisement Unit Reflection

Considering all of the examples of ads you saw and the one you created, what did you learn about who benefits from advertisement? 

Companies and organizations get further outreach on their product or service, and in turn get more sales.

Discuss the effectiveness (or not) of each form of persuasion:  logical, ethical and emotional on an audience (and on you).

This increases the chance of the viewer taking action on the ad because these factors incite emotion.

Logical: this puts out statistics such as my example, “someone dies of suicide every 40 seconds” or something like putting movie reviews from critics that say the movie was fantastic, and in turn worth watching. One good example is my ad and movie posters are a good example.

Ethical: credibility, trustworthiness, and reputation are what I define and assume “ethical” means. A good example of a company that utilizes this would be apple. Their advertisements do have anything flashy, and their products aren’t that great. But the reputation and vibe of the company sells more than the product.

Emotional: this is the building block of all good advertisements, as both of this ones listed above incite emotion. Triggering human emotions, such as sympathy, building hype (exciting!), or anger or sadness, is very effective because most people are very emotional. A good example is modern journalism, which focuses on inciting emotion from the title alone, which often leads to the most extreme case being reported for more clicks, or clickbait articles.

Choose 2 advertising techniques and explain why they are effective in advertisement.

  1. Emotion

Emotion is the most effective when used in an advertisement or branding.

Everybody feels emotions, and when you push the right buttons, you can pretty much get someone to do anything you want. Making the viewer feel many happy/sad emotions depending on the context will help tremendously on selling the product.

  • Reputation (logical)

The reputation of a brand is very effect for many reasons.

  1. If two competitors made an ad and it was both very good, the one with the better reputation would win, even if the ad was the same. Example: apple vs Samsung.
    • Can overprice items. You are paying for the logo not the product. Examples: supreme, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, etc.
  2. Are buying not only for the product, but the social status that comes with it. So it has more on the table.

Core Competency Reflection

  • This is how I selected images and words to create impact for my planned audience:
  • I highlighted the word “40 seconds” to really emphasis the point of the statistic, and incites emotion.
  • For the image, I chose something depressing, and I found the image on google.
  • One strategy or activity that stimulated my imagination on this project was…

I imagined all the previous suicide awareness ads I have seen, and visualized one myself.

ADL Social Studies- Ethical judgement

Reflection questions- is violence justified during a protest?

  1.   How did the use of Al assist you in developing this project? 

It gave me general ideas i could branch off too whenever i was stuck. 

2. How did you ensure that the work you created was still your own, rather than just a product of the ai? 

Putting what the ai said in my own words, or using the ai ideas and branching off to what i think. 

  1. Did you agree with the position you had to argue? Why or why not?

I cant seem to lean towards one side. 

My opinion is somewhere near the middle, and i cant see either opinions being 100% right. 

Competency Reflection

My strategies for collecting relevant information for specific tasks include…

  1. Asking ai- asking ai on relevant topic points. 
  2. Thinking. 
  3. Asking others- asking my partner, asking others, etc. 

I use evidence to make judgements or decisions as demonstrated in this…

I would look at examples on the point i am making, for example, linking a source that relates to whatever point i was talking about. 


  •   How does the story of Spiderman (Western) differ from Supaidaman (Japanese)?
  • Very greatly. Well for starters, the story isnt based off the comics, and the show was clearly intended for kids. The story was clearly rushed and everything is very random. The original Spiderman is more meaningful, and has a message to send.  
  •   Were there moments that made you laugh cry, or feel particularly invested? Explain.
  • I think many of the scenes made me laugh. how badly it was made, the bad acting, and how much it didnt make any sense. 
  •   Would you recommend this show to others? Why or why not?
  • This could make you laugh once or twice, but other than that the story was poorly made and boring. So no. Most people dont watch shows nowadays anyway. (including me). 
  •   What do you think future generations wil think about our media?
  • This can go many ways so i have no clear answer. However, my general assumption would be: 
  • 1. They think it sucks 
  • 2. They think its better than whatever they will have
  • 3. Monsters invaded earth and all the people died. 

R3-School reflection

  •   How does school in Japan compare to Canada? Is there anything they do in Japan, that you wish we did at Centennial?
  • School in japan is much more work heavy than schools in Canada. The students are required to do more things, such as cleaning or clubs. i wish we had uniforms as they do in japan. 
  •   Do you think that students should have more responsibilities at school like cleaning duty or for clubs/sports? Why?
  • Personally, no. The 7 hours of school is enough, and making students clean the school takes away a few jobs for people that need it. 
  •   How lucky are you in L’†hIth ? Would you be able to snag leftovers? 
  • I am fairly lucky. If i win once, ill have a really high chance to win twice. But i wouldn’t want any leftovers, let alone lunch. 

Geography Town Assignment

Core Competency Reflection:

I can statements.

-I can reflect on my thinking.

When i look back at what i wrote, i can tell what i was thinking, what i had in mind, what ideas popped up into my head, and how much time i spent to put it into words. i feel like this assisgnment helped me reflect on my thoughts, and myself.

-I consider more than one way to proceed in an investigation.

When i was researching for this project, i looked at multiple sources, videos, and used my prevous notes to help me.

-I can analyze evidence to make judgements.

When i was researching about st johns, i saw many diffrent opportunities of what the land could be used for. I saw the evidence, and i decided, using the evidence of course. This project helped me on thinking about the information i was given, and making judgements.

-I can deliberately learn about things that interest me, and new ideas pop into my head.

One thing about me is that i focus really well only on things that interest me, so when i was at the buisness part, i had tons of ideas. of course, I couldnt write them down, but this project enabled me to judge based on physical forms. i havent done that before since most of the buisnesses i think about are online.

One goal i have going forward.

“I can develop a body of creative work over time.”

Even though many good core Competencies where developed during this assisgnment, i still think my work was lackluster. one problem i have is being create with work and putting my words down on paper (in this case, a screen). I will work towards that goal in future assisgnments, and in my hobbies.

Curricular Competencies-Geography Town Project

o I understood, identified and explained the reasons for the processes of climate ( rain, snowfall, temperature and winds ) on the town I chose.

o I understood, identified and explained how those climate characteristics created economic opportunities either directly or indirectly.

o I learned how to put this into a power point map and explain it.

Budgeting for a Special Day

Uhhh im planning a special day for Chance. (or Chains? thats his name) to make the day special, we will walk to 711, order pizza hut, go to the cineplex, (watch five nights at Freddy’s) , and finally, go to Joyce’s restaurant. All walking of course.

What I boughtCostPercentage of budgetReferences
14″ Large Pepperoni Lover’s Pan V Boneless Bites (14 Wings) Sauce (No Sauce) Creamy Chicken Alfredo (Large) Noodle (Regular) Breadsticks (Regular) Add Cheese$28.69 X $17.49 X $19.99 $1.00 $80.16 $6.95 $4.36 $91.4731.33% of budget
sadly it wouldnt save. but i copied and pasted the price.
so i think it would be reliable.
Movies $19.99×213.33%
Steak Frites With New York$67×2= 13440.66%
Red bull $15.00for two 5%
Hummus (Vegetarian)$18.756.25%

How much did you end up spending on your special day?

I spent $299.22.

What percentage of the total budget did you end up spending?

About 99.74% was spent.

What might you have done differently if you only had a budget of $100?

I think I would have only bought the kfc.

What might you have done differently if you had a budget of $500?

I would probably go to lazer tag or something. something to get us moving.

Competencies: I can tell what is important to me and I can explain my values. I understand how my values shape my choices.

Why did you choose this specific person? Why do you believe they deserve to be celebrated?

He’s been buying me pizza, and it was easy to choose what to give him, because he would eat anything.

Why did you choose to spend your budget the way you did? What factors went into your decisions?

Well, I have not known him for too long, and since he bought me food, I thought I would too.( in this fictional event)

R2 – ようかい

  1. Which Yokai did you pick? Why? / i picked the nine tailed fox (Tamamo no Mae) i picked her because it is the first yokai i knew of when i was a little kid.
  2. Name some characteristics and provide a background history/summary on your Yokai. / she bacically wanted power. so, she went to kings and drained their life span to she could take control of whatever empire they had. when she got caught, she would run to another contry. and she kept doing it until she got executed. she was also magical and stuff. she could shapeshift, she was immortal, and she has nine tails.
  3. Do you think Japanese Yokai differ from Western monsters and mythical creatures? Explain.  / most of them are animals or humans that turned goofy. in yokai, some are objects. and in yokai, not all of them are out to kill. they are they to just scare people.
  4. Do you believe in Yokai, monsters, ghosts, or mythical creatures? Why or why not? /no. they are just stories to scare kids. some of them are really goofy though.

My day in fractions thing

5:00am wake up

5:10am- get myself together and get out of bed

5:10am – 5:40am shower 24/0.30

5:45am- 7:30am – study (i also eat during this time)24/0.45

7:30am- 8:20am- watch youtube 24/0.50

8:20am- 8:55am- ride the bus to school 24/0.35

_______school______24/6.15 1/4 of the day is spent in school

get home at approx, 3:30pm- 4:10pm 24/0.40

4:10pm- 5:30pm- i guess you could call this flex 24/1.20


6:00pm- 6:50pm- various. 24/0.50

6:50pm- 7:30pm- read (yeah im that guy) 24/0.40

realisticaly i fall asleep at 8:30

_______sleep_________24/8.00 so 1/3 of the day is spent sleeping

Digital footprint

An Explanation of why internet safety and being positive is important

internet safety is important for various reasons. if a lot of your life is spent online, then it is very important for you to learn how to use it correctly & safely. otherwise, it could hurt you in the long term, or just ruin your life. being positive is important because your online reputation is mostly as important as your reputation in general. if you are spreading a lot of hate, people would treat you badly in return.

o Examples of unsafe and negative activities

-posting controversial stuffs

-posting personal information

-sharing improper content

o A description of the steps everyone can take to be positive and stay safe

  • never post any personal information
  • never spend more than 4 hours per day on social media
  • think before you post


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