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Core Competency Reflection

I can identify my strengths and limits, find internal motivation, and act on opportunities for self-growth by working on different equations and seeing which ones I find harder to answer. I can find internal motivation by telling myself that its almost done and that I can work on other things once I am done.

Reflecting on my first year

My Grade 9 year

Some words that described this year are fun, nerve racking and tiring. I’m most proud of the art that I have done this year, it was really enjoyable and I also learned new art techniques. During Art classes I was able to Make new friends and also gain an old friend back, because of those people art class was more enjoyable and really fun. This past year I enjoyed P.E. I made some friends in that class and they make P.E. really fun and we have a lot of fun playing and talking with each other. When I have difficulties with something especially homework I usually ask my siblings and parents for help so that they can help me understand what my homework is about and so that I can do it if we do it again.

My Favourite website

I like this website a lot because it makes citing my work a lot easier for Edublog posts and other things. Using this site made me save time which I used for other parts of a project or another part of an edublog post and by using this site I was able to save time and use that spare time efficiently for other things. I’m glad that I got to know of this site and I would recommend it to others if they’re required to site their work.

Favourite Video

I like this video because it helped me too understand watercolor more and how to get certain types of textures that I need or that I wanted to include into my painting. By looking at these videos it helped my create better art that I’m proud of and ones that I would like to keep.

My Favourite Image

I like this photo because it reminds me of what I made during art class. For my art class I made something similar with watercolor, I made a watercolor rose with a snowy themed background and this photo reminded me of that watercolor art. During the making of that watercolor rose I learned how to properly layer the watercolor on top of each other and that depending on how much water you use, it can change the way the paint looks, and more. During the watercolor unit, I had so much fun learning and creating watercolor art and I would really like to try it again.

My Favourite Quote

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” – Destin Sparks

I like this Quote because sometimes expressing how you feel into words is hard so putting what you feel into a photo and sharing it can get how you feel across just as easy. Even if you fail to put your story into a photo, people can still understand how you feel or what you’re trying to tell through the photo(s) you take.

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A Spanish Speaking Country


Comparison to my home country

the most popular sport in Brazil is Soccer with a famous athlete being Neymar, in Canada the most popular sport is Ice Hockey with a famous athlete being Wayne Gretzky. Landmarks in Brazil are Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf mountain both in Rio De Janerio, in Canada some famous landmarks are the CN tower in Toronto and the Canadian Rockies in BC. I would like to visit Brazil some day, learning about Brazil peaked some interest.

Core Competency Reflection

I can understand and share information about a topic in a clear and organized way by talking slow and asking if they understand what I am talking about. If I don’t understand something that my partner shares I ask them to try and explain it slower.

I can build off of others ideas, if my partner suggests something I can think and add on to the idea they preposed. My partner can suggest something and ask if I want to add anything onto it, if I don’t add anything onto it then we use the idea as is

I can work with others to achieve a goal, it doesn’t matter who my partner is I would like to work together to get a good mark. When I work with someone I don’t know or someone I don’t talk to a lot I still try to work with them so I can get a good mark on whatever project we are doing.

I can ask and respond to questions, if I don’t understand something my group/partner says I can ask them to explain it to me again so that I can understand what they’re going to do. I can respond to questions when I know the answer and tell them.

Geography map

●1) Red oak ( Quercus rubra) Silver maple ( Acer saccharinum) These trees and more are common in Hamilton. Silver maple cannot grow in dry soil while red oak can tolerate a wide range of soil types, but they don’t tolerate poorly drained or waterlogged soil. Possible jobs could be Lumber, Park ranger, Soil Technician

●2) Lake Ontario is why I placed this where it was, Lake Ontario is one of the five great lakes in north America, even if lake Ontario is one of the five great lakes it’s the smallest out of the five. Lake Ontario Is a freshwater lake. Depending on where you want to swim, you can swim in lake Ontario. Possible jobs could be Lifeguard

●3)The Hamilton Conservation area has lots of hiking trails all year round that people go to. Its like a giant year-round 10km hiking trails with towering pine forests and meadows. Possible jobs could be park ranger

●4)Hamilton normally is free of snow every year from June to September, though if it does happen to snow in Hamilton, its usually less than five centimeters. Big snowstorms normally occur three times a year with ten cm a day. Possible jobs could be weather reporter, snow shoveler

ADL-Collaboration and Solutions for Financial Literacy


3 Year GIC

90,509,287 + 30,000


Year 1 – 80,000 x 1.042=83360 + 10,000

Year 2 -83360 x 1.042= 86861.12 + 10,000+ 10000

Year 3 – 86861.12 x 1.042= 90509.29 +30000



I chose this for me because GIC is a secure with investments. you also get money at the end of your term. the bad thing about GIC is that you will get taxed on the interest earned if the GIC is held outside a registered account. I’d say GIC is more for me because I don’t really like taking risks so I would go with GIC because it has little risks unlike stocks, yes you can get more money but that would require giving up more with a higher chance of failing.

Collaboration and Contributions:

Working with my group was okay, I didn’t communicate with them at all.

I contributed by occasionally plugging numbers into my calculator and showing them, the other people in my group contributed to my learning by communicating and explaining what they were doing.

There was other solutions, I chose the one that I felt made somewhat sense for me.

I would rate my communication in that group a 1. I did not talk at all in that group and I occasionally participated by using my calculator and showing them, not even telling them what the number was, just silently showing what was I got in the calculator.

Core Competency Reflection

Personal Awareness and Responsibility

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I occasionally turn off my device and take a look at what I’m supposed to do and try to understand it if I start to zone out.


When I need to work collaboratively with people I don’t know well, I sometimes speak up and try to understand what we are trying to do. Depending on the subject I try to converse and listen to others.

Creative Thinking

When it seems the good ideas just won’t come to me, I tend too leave it and come back to it later to try and refresh my mind, sometimes when I leave something and come back to it later I think of something and can work off that.

Critical and Reflective Thinking

I use evidence to make judgements or decisions as demonstrated in my justification part of the assignment.

Core competency


I can talk and listen to people I know.

Artifact: Sketchbook #1

When I was doing the first sketchbook I was able to talk to people if I needed help and also just to communicate with the people I know and to make jokes so that I was able to talk to them more during class and during lunch. I was able to ask the people I know and were comfortable with questions and listen to them explain it back to me so that I would be able to understand the drawing more or the assignment better. I would talk to the people I know preferably the people that were close to me so that I didn’t have to get up and walk to where they were so I usually asked the person closest to me that I was comfortable with questions about the assignment or just random questions.

The Cousins: The Movie

My Movie

Plot, Character, Setting and Mood

I figured out what my character looked like because her cousin describes. I chose those plot points because I found them easier to answer. Setting in Story’s can be hard to find but I found the setting of my story because it ended up telling where it was set, but if you can’t figure out the setting you can look for cities and locate the country. Mood means what the characters in the novel / movie are feeling in that moment or how people are feeling if there are multiple people inside the room, I chose that music because it fitted the novel the best since the book was more mysterious and calmer in a way.

Core Competency Reflection

Personal Awareness and Responsibility:

I can need to boost my mood or re focus I tend to take a small break to clear my mind and start fresh.

Creative Thinking:

An example of where I built upon someone else’s ideas is when I can ask for an idea and slowly change that idea into something more, I usually ask for an idea and then add things to it or take out the things that wouldn’t fit the theme that I’m going for.

Communication Prompts:

Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposefully can be seen in group discussions or group projects, I sometimes pitch ideas to others in hopes that they can use that idea or turn it into something better.

Learning the scientific method: Self assessment

this picture shows me and my partners egg drop challenge device

Curricular Response

both challenges improved my understanding in the scientific method because i learned how to to identify problems just by using observations. My partner and i for our egg drop challenge device tried to make a box with a parachute so that the egg inside wouldn’t break but because we didn’t cover the egg properly when we dropped the device the egg ended up breaking . these 2 challenges helped me understand the scientific method more because when we were learning about the challenge we learned more about using experiments to test out a hypothesis. The challenges also taught me more about inductive learning and how to observe problems using observation.

Core Competency Self Assessment and Creative Thinking

Im proud of the egg drop challenge because we both decided on what to do and how we were going to build the device, even though the egg didn’t survive a lot of communication happened between us 2.Using inductive learning to observe problems helped get over some challenges, for example when we realized something we were going to do in our final build wouldn’t work we had to switch that part out and think of something on the spot. I demonstrated that i can create new things when I think about it hard enough or when i take something i’ve already done and then build off of that idea.


My Digital Footprint: Keeping Myself Safe

Creating a Positive and Safe Digital Footprint

Core Competency

I know that my digital footprint can have both positive and negative consequences, including having my account open so I adjust my actions to put my account on private.

I think my experiences as a digital citizen, such as Tik Tok influenced my choice of course/hobbies/ teams because i find that watching some videos on Tik Tok can give you some fun things to do or try out.

Some of my preferred strategies for maintaining a healthy, balanced online presence include setting a timer on my apps.

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