British Columbia First Peoples Reflection

during this whole course i learnt a lot about first nations and how the topic of them going through all the

pain and abuse does not get talked about a lot. i learnt how to be more open minded about how

imporant culture and land are. This course allowed me to reflect on cultural positive and personal identity

because we learnt how and what the first nation people went through their struggles and sacrifices. i

learnt that they were manipulated into giving up their land in return of better thing and better land.

Before i got in this class i have always not thought this topic was a big deal but this class changed my

perspective and i learnt how the residential school treated the innocent children. when i found out they

also lied about them passing away and told the parents they were really sick but in reality they were

abused and beaten this made me think of what else there could be which we just never found out. i really

enjoyed learning about this subject and it gave me a way better understanding about the topic and how

serious it is

Midsummer: The Movie

My movie

Character , setting and mod

i choose that avatar for the carpenter after reading his description and personalities . I also found online that most carpenters have a mustache so i added that on him which made it look more realistic . i also thought that haircut matches his personality so i added that in and i did his skin color white cause that matched his hair mustache and personality . i choose calm music becaue of the way the movie was going slow and calm .

Core competency reflection

I work with others to achieve a goal. I choose this because i always like working with other people and helping my team members when they need help .

I advocate for myself. I choose this because if i think something is going on wrong then i always correct this mistake or the person

I ask and respond to questions to be an active, supportive listener. I choose this because i am always curious and ready to answer or ask question

I encourage others to share their voices and value diverse perspectives. I choose this because I always try to talk to other people to make them feel more comfortable so they can and share their ideas

Digital Footprint

Creating a Positive Digital Footprint 

People are becoming increasingly intrigued about the boundaries of internet, and as a result, they are breaking the rules and stealing information from other machines on the internet. A computer hacker can gain a lot of information from your computer, and there are a lot of ways to avoid these situations. Personal information such as phone numbers, full names, credit card numbers, home addresses, personal correspondence, and much more can be obtained from your computer by some of these hackers. Many things can be done to avoid this. To begin, you can keep all of your personal information on a separate floppy disc or other storage device that you may have. Have your accounts private , don’t accept anyone u don’t know , keep your locations off , don’t post where u are at right now , don’t leak your private information  

core competency reflection

I make digital ethical choices such as keeping my account private not adding random people in order to keep me safe and secure

My online support network is helpful to me because they have all my memories

Some of my preferred strategies for maintaining a healthy, balanced online presence include not posting everytime you go to a mall or somewhere not keeping my location on and not leaking my information


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problem – the problem is that we need to plan a for a family meal with group members and adjust according to there schedule

solution This is the solution we did for the family for the week



We have chosen 6:30 every night because this time the whole family is home at this time.  

On Monday Teen 2 is making grilled cheese sandwiches because grilled cheese is an easy food to make, and Teen 2 does not have much experience in the kitchen.  

On Tuesday we chose teen 1 to make this because it is a medium difficulty dish, and they have lots of time before dinner.  

On Wednesday teen 2 is cooking because they have lots of time. This is an excellent choice because teen 2 can cook medium dishes. 

On Thursday parent 1 is cooking because this is a medium dish and teen 2 has already cooked twice so parent 1 is going to cook this dish. This is an excellent choice because parent 1 has time on this day.  

On Friday parent 2 is cooking because they have lots of time and parent 2 can cook well, plus they have lots of time.  

Collaboration reflection

me and my groups had everything running smoothly because as soon as someone would find a food for dinner and we would think about a perfect time for dinner and we could plan the chef accordingly . we used technology for recipes . i did the food Adam decided who would cook , pili did portion of recipe and viv decided the dinner time. i decided all the food they would be eating and how much time it would take .

Self assessment : collaboration and critical thinking

I I show others that i truly value there contribution by giving them feedback

I know the group is working well together when i see everyone talking and discussing

I seek develop and weight options as demonstrated by checking over what i wrote

i use evidence to make judgement or decision like when we had to choose the chef i looked at the time schedule as the evidence

About Me

My Bio

My name is Abir . I am 14 year old . I was 12 years old when I moved to canada some facts about me are I like playing all sports I have 3 gold medals in badminton my favorite sport is basketball and badminton. I do pretty well in school my favorite subject in math , because I do a lot of sports and run a lot my height is 5 10 my hobbies are playing basketball reading playing games on my phone and skating. a little about myself , I am nice calm boy who likes making friends and reading.

picture that inspires me

Image result for inspirational quotes

This is not specifically a picture but its a quote which inspires me because every time I do a project some problem’s happens so I have a picture of this in my room so every time I having a hard time learning or studying i just look at this and try to come out with a way to figure it out.

website i like

YouTube is the website i like because it helps me with everything it can give me tutorial for how to do things it can also help me with my studies and mostly i watch watch a lot of video that are fun or are sports or anything

quote i like

Image result for quotes

I chose this quote because it tells me not to find shortcuts in every thing and some thing are have to be done the way they are it also encourager me to do things.


I chose this because i really like paying basketball and one my my dream job is to go to the NBA once it also encourages me to play and shows me how to play in team work and hard work.