Substance Abuse and naloxone

Active living 12

I learned an immense amount about substance abuse and the benefits of naloxone. we were taught that there is a lot of stigma about substance usage which makes it an uncomfortable topic to talk about, however when it is talked about it makes people more familiar with ways to prevent abuse and misusage of drugs or substances. I learned a lot of skills in order to help people with an overdose or abuse so although I hopefully never need to use them, in the worst situation I should be able to recall my knowledge and possibly save a life. Aswell as a refresher in CPR helped boost my confidence in it so again if I ever need to use it, it should come more naturally.

Core Competencies

Critical and reflective thinking

I can now more easily analyze situations and make my own judgements. Using the information we have learned I can now make judgement calls on deciding not to try to experiment with drugs as well as knowing when to help others in cases of need such as needing cpr or possibly naloxone due to an overdose. These lessons have helped me be more confident and educated in my judgements and responses to medical situations from drugs or accidents.

Economics 11

Journal entries

These journal entries show the usage of critical thinking throughout the week. This is an extreamly important skill to learn that i utilized daily in order to answer complex questions on topics surrounding economics. Critical thinking is used everyday in life and is no different when it comes to economics, in order to be successful one has to ask and challenge themselves with questions surrounding economics in order to progress.

CPR life-saving measures Active living 11.

Recently we had CPR training from local firemen. They taught us how to keep ourselves safe while potentially saving a life, I demonstrated strong listening skills as I was able to mimic the form and skills of the firemen. I feel confident that I could administer CPR although I hope I never have to. I can see now that these are essential skills that should be taught to everyone and am glad I participated in the demonstrations and examples.  

English 10 Core competency

During the creation and filming of our multiple modules story me and my partner demonstrated great communication and problem-solving. we had countless disagreements about certain scenes and lines but we were able to communicate and find a solution that worked for everyone’s needs. A project like this is only possible with good collaboration and excellent communication between groups.

During this assignment, we learned about plot devices and how to keep an audience entertained and suspended. The skill we developed most while doing this assignment was communication and listening skills, Communicating and being able to listen to each other was extremely important whilst creating this assignment. We also learned a lot about perspective and how important a camera angle or different perspective can affect a scene or even an entire story.

Core competency self assessment

Social Awareness & Responsibility in CLE 1

Gattaca Questions

I can resolve problems, In order to resolve problems you must be able to find and distinguish them and their causes. I did this with the gattaca questions discovering and using my interpretation of the character in the movie to distinguish, find and relate to some of the many problems he was faced with during the film. Being able to find and resolve problems is an extremely important lifeskill everyone should learn. often times their may be hidden issues or problems which are not easily noticed or resolved which is why it is important to be a strong problem solver.

Japanese internment camps paragraph social studies 10

Its December 7th, 1941, the recent actions of the Japanese homeland military have led to Japanese Canadians being rounded up like animals and stuck in internment camps. Personally, I think this is one of the only solutions possible currently. We have been warned they could be spies or planning an uprising, one of my Neighbors has been forced to leave his house and move although I have known him my family would not feel safe living next to a potential spy. Even if there was a small probability of spies, I believe it would be the safest choice. On the other hand, this is not only for our safety but for the Japanese Canadians as well. They have protection in case of an invasion as well as protection from potential spies. Although the conditions of these camps should be better and Japanese Canadians should be treated better, I think this was the best choice at the moment. 

-Aidan. Furney 

Science CoreCompetency Self Assessment

Collaboration through a Science Acids and bases lab.

Science, Acids and bases lab.

My lab partner and I showed great collaboration through working around and with lab equipment. We were able to quickly and precisely able to finish the lab with accurate results. We assigned each other jobs to ensure efficiency. the photo was just after about ten minutes of work and shows our tests and lab paper.