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Core Competencies

I know the group is working well together when I see that my parter and I are focussed on our work and that we are getting our parts done, disccusing them and supporting each other when we have questions or we are unsure of certain areas. We worked in a timely manner and we were able to talk things through and come to agreements.

If I notice that there us some confusion and struggles, that’s a sign that my group needs help and we can get support by having conversations about certain chapters or scenes of the book. We can pool our ideas together to make sense of what is occuring and if there is some sort of hidden meaning, we explain what we got from that passage.

I compile and synthesize information to draw reasoned conclusions, such as when my partner and I were trying to discover exact quotations that we felt were needed to get our points across and to give the text more expression. We did this as we talked about what we needed, we found precise quotes from the book and then we were able to confer on how we wanted to include the quotes or if we needed different ones.

An area of study in which I feel confident to regularly challenge assumptions and develop new ideas is in creating meaning from text. One of my goals is too be able to go in depth and create new ideas from passages. This will extend my learning as I will be able to look at certain areas from unique perspectives and build a whole new understanding. I will read more books and articles and attempt to see them from new ways. Also, I will start taking more notes to notice little details that may be important or showing something irregular.

First Peoples English 11

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Core Competency Reflection

As an active listener, I notice that I pay close attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues, empathize with the speaker’s emotions, seek understanding before responding, maintain eye contact, and engage in reflective listening. I strive to create a safe and supportive space for meaningful communication.

I am clear on the difference between simple “group work” and collaboration as evidenced by the collective effort and shared responsibility exhibited by team members. Effective collaboration involves active participation, open communication, leveraging diverse perspectives, and a unified commitment towards achieving a common goal.

I remain open minded as I explore viable options or alternative approaches, like when my partner and I were doing the Comic Book project we had some disagreed on a couple of things that we wanted to do so we weighed our options and we came to a agreement that allowed us to get the best work that we could have done.

My strategies for collecting relevant information for specific tasks include. My goal is to conduct thorough research using credible sources, utilizing various information retrieval methods, critically evaluating the gathered data, and organizing it in a systematic manner. The goal is to gather accurate and comprehensive information to inform decision-making and enhance task outcomes.

PHE 10 AH Reflection

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Today, I am feeling very tired right now, but I’m very excited for summer break. Usually before PE I am ready, energetic and wanting to participate. I am able to communicate with my classmates and make gym class enjoyable for everyone.

Personal Health and Awareness

Some of my traits/ skills that make me a leader in the area of physical and/or mental health include that I can help the people around me improve on skills they want to work on and I can demonstrate the proper techniques to my classmates. I make ethical choices such as not participating in class if Im seriously injured in order to be able for my injury to heal and not to make it worse. When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I will tend to work hard and put more effort into what I want to accomplish so I can get receive better results. Some of the things I do to stay mentally and physically healthy include that I have a routine where I am active working out or doing some sort of physical activity to keep my body healthy and mentally I read often to keep my brain stimulated and thinking.

Core Competency Reflection

I find it easy to be part of a group as I am a very strong leader I am able to communicate with my group to get work done efficiently and learn new skills.

I can identify my strengths and identify my potential as I see my weaknesses and choose what I need to work for my skills.

I give, receive, and act on feedback to progress in my goals by working harder and putting more time on working on my goals.

I recognize my emotions and use strategies to manage them as if I need to take a break from what I am doing and I can try to work around obstacles to always improve.