Meal Planning Assignment


There are 4 people that need constant food but their schedules dont match, we need to find out times that work for everyone for each day of the week.


Who?Parent AParent BTeen 1Teen 1Teen 2
What?Black bean tacosGrilled CheeseChicken noodle soupGrilled cheeseBlack Bean Tacos
How Much?4 servings4 servings1 servings4 servings4 servings
When?5PM5 PM6 PM6PM6PM

Collaboration Reflection

  1. We were all in a group table so talking and showing each other our sheets was the easiest way and most effective to get the project done.
  2. I had the days Monday, Tuesday and, Farhad had Wednesday, and, Jwan had Thursday, and, Friday.
  3. When you look at the menu I chose the meals for Monday, Tuesday including the times, servings, and people who cook it.

My Utopia Plush Mania

Our Colors

Our colors are yellow, green, and brown, Yellow is shown with the road outlines and the dandelions in the fields and the streets

Green is shown with the treetops and tall grass in the fields all made with spammed bonemeal making good for instant growth usually found by bones in survival mode (which is a rare commodity) can be found in unlimited amounts in creating making this a much easier process.

Brown is shown with the amount of oak tree logs used in literally every building on the server other than the hospital, I chose to leave out most colors in the hospital. Other than bookshelves in which the physical shelves are brown for oak wood.

Our Values

Safety: A: Police station, and bank

B: Every town needs a sheriff and Plush Mania is no different, the police station shows a strong force of regulations and the number of villagers in the holding cell shows that the streets of Plush Mania are safe

Community: A: Park and Rec Centre. B: Community is shown with the Lions Gate Park equipped with a lake, bridge, trails, and good views, not to even mention the community rec center in the middle of Plush Mania it contains 1 constant worker and dozens of villagers commuting through showing constant use and creates a lounge for the villagers to socialize.

Education: A: School

B: Education is a important role in any society including Plush Mania, our school has a open community place of its own and 5 classrooms with desks, teachers, and students.

Recycling: A: recycling bins

B: You might think our garbage cans in a game like Minecraft are just for looks but no, our garbage cans can be used to A. throw away unwanted foods/crops but also decomposes them and turns it into bonemeal giving the village farmers a nice head start.

Health: A: Hospital

B: Our hospital is a 3-story building including a ER, Psych ward, Waiting room, and even reading corners, its safe to say every village needs a hospital to make it complete as plush Mania now has its own stable food source, education, policing, banking, community, and most of all a hospital.

Aidan sheedy                                      Reflection                              

  1. The project is about making a city with your created values, we used Minecraft not the school education version just the regular one using my own account.
  2. We communicated through a Instagram group chat and shared work via a OneNote group.
  3. I built the world, it quite a bit of time and if you look in the houses/schools etc.… you can see all the tiny add-ons I put in, we all contributed into the main ideas of values/colors generally together but I was mostly doing the building I play this game in my free time as well so it was more fun than work I honestly really liked this project.
  4. I like both Hasti and Ji-woo as people and, they are both hard working we used our time being quite productive and working.
  5. We honestly didn’t run into many issues other than the garbage system, which we overcame by using “compost” bins. It was a good fix and honestly solved the problem with ease.
  6. I am very fond of how it all turned out in my opinion it was a success, my only change would be the physical streets I would have used bricks and slabs.