Meal Planning Assignment


There are 4 people that need constant food but their schedules dont match, we need to find out times that work for everyone for each day of the week.


Who?Parent AParent BTeen 1Teen 1Teen 2
What?Black bean tacosGrilled CheeseChicken noodle soupGrilled cheeseBlack Bean Tacos
How Much?4 servings4 servings1 servings4 servings4 servings
When?5PM5 PM6 PM6PM6PM

Collaboration Reflection

  1. We were all in a group table so talking and showing each other our sheets was the easiest way and most effective to get the project done.
  2. I had the days Monday, Tuesday and, Farhad had Wednesday, and, Jwan had Thursday, and, Friday.
  3. When you look at the menu I chose the meals for Monday, Tuesday including the times, servings, and people who cook it.

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