Cooking At Home #5: Option 4

This week I wanted to learn how to toss pizza dough in the air. By tossing it makes the pizza round, thin and have a fluffier texture. I went on YouTube to learn more about this skill by just typing how to toss pizza dough. The website for recipe was on and was called How To Make The Best Homemade Pizza. It only had 6 simple ingredients for the dough so I started to make it. First I Bloomed the yeast in a small bowl then in a bigger bowl I placed the dry ingredients and olive oil. When my yeast was ready I poured it in the bigger bowl to mix with a wooden spoon. Once there were only a few bits of flour I dumped the dough on my counter and kneaded for 15 minutes. My dough raised for 3 hours and while that was happening I prepped all my toppings. They were tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, white onion, mushroom, bacon and pepperoni. Finally it was time to assemble the pizza and learn to toss the dough. The steps that I took was first cover dough with flour, defined the crust, fan out a bit and toss. My advice to anyone wanting to learn this skill is be patient and start off with just baby tosses then try and just do one big toss. After I assemble the pizza I needed to place it in the oven. The recipe told me to place a upside-down baking pan to have a crispy bottom heating up in the oven. So I did that and used another upside-down baking sheet to act as a pizza peel and it was so difficult to move the pizza in the oven. Instead of just sliding it in I had to use a spatula. During that whole time I felt like the pizza was going to fall so next time I will just use a pizza pan and bake. My greatest success is getting my toppings ready to use so that I can easily place it on the pizza. It was a roller coaster making this pizza but the end product was super delicious and I would do it again.


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