Our Utopian City (Courtesy Land)

Courtesy Land

Values: Kindness, Safety, Education and Health

Kindness for our city is making sure that the people living here are kind and respectful to one another. This means that everyone is kind all the time and when there is an issue, we resolve it to make sure everyone is on good terms. Kindness is something you need in a town, or everything wouldn’t work out because everyone would be unhappy. In our town kindness is represented using orange or yellow and using the skiers holding hands to show kindness between people. Safety for us is that everyone is and feels safe in the environment that we are in. This means that no one would feel unsafe when they leave their house and that they feel comfortable to be themselves all the time. Safety could also be that there are no dangerous things in our town that can cause harm or cause anyone to hurt themselves or anyone else in any way. In our town everyone is always there to help one another and to make sure that everyone is always safe, and if someone does get hurt there are always people to help them out. We incorporated safety in our town by using blue and the fallen skier character to signify the distinct place where safety would be (even though the whole town is safe). In our town we think that education is important because everyone should receive equal opportunities and chances. Everyone in our town would be able to learn and it would also be a space were people could meet others and build relationships. Our education system would not just teach regular subjects we would also teach how everyone can be educated. Being educated means being aware of those around you, how you act and how to treat others, everyone in our town would always respect others and make sure everyone felt welcomed as well.  Our town represented education using red, we also used the Santa figure to show where in the town we have areas of education. Health in our city means that everyone can live a healthy lifestyle and not have to worry about basic human needs. In our town we have gyms and hospitals (including mental health facilities) so that everyone in our town can live their happiest lives. Health can also be having access to healthy foods so everyone can eat healthy as well and don’t have to worry about another human necessity. Our town would be encouraged to take care of themselves and make healthy choices, but they would also have the resources to do so. We represented health within our town by using green buildings and the characters having a snowball fight. 

Communication Reflection

For this project I was in a group with Sienna, together we talked about our values, why we had them and how we wanted to show them within our town. This project was about using both of our values to create our ideal town and incorporate those values into the town using colors and characters etc. We used City Creator to make this project, I really enjoyed using this program because it was easy to navigate and very straightforward. We communicated by texting through snapchat, we both would express our ideas and we were both willing to listen making it a lot easier for us to agree on things and include each other’s ideas. Since there was only 2 of us, we split the responsibility’s equally, I talked about health and education, while Sienna talked about kindness and safety. For the creation of the map, we both contributed and used both of ideas to create the map together. We were very good at using our time wisely and completed almost all our project during the first class, we were very focused, and we didn’t cause distractions for each other which is why we were able to complete our project efficiently. I don’t think we face any problems or disagreements while working together because were able to combine both of our ideas and display it on the map/ in the project. I really like how our final project turned out because we put in a lot of effort to make it look as good as it could and I think we did a really good job, I don’t think I would change anything because we were very focused and used our time wisely to get it all done.  

What’s the Word Around Town?


a. Was I able to identify how the geography impact the town / city with ease? How was I able to find how the physical geography impacted these areas?

I was easily able to find out how the geography impacted the town that I was working on and was also able to use my own thinking as well as evidence to back up whatever I had written down.

b. How did the technology personally affect my learning? What were the pros and cons of using maphub.com? Be detailed in your response here

Near the start of the project I was struggling a bit because this website was very new to me, however after getting comfortable with how the website worked it was very simple. The website made completing this project very simple due to the easily accessible icons on the the side and the well explained directions all throughout the website. Another thing that helped me was the video that was provided, and that helped clear up any confusion that I had.

c. Were you satisfied with the result of your design and solutions?

I tried as hard as I could to complete this project to the best of my ability and I think I did quite well, however I think that there is always something to improve and I will take any feedback from this project and apply it to any future assignments.

d. How would you refine your assignment in the future?

I think that a way to improve this project would be for me to have started earlier so I would’ve had more time to research and not delay starting the project as long, which would have also made me feel less stressed regarding the project.

About Me

My Bio

Hi, my name is Aishvihn. Firstly I’d like to think that a few words you could use to describe me are easy going, kind, generous and funny. Some things that I really enjoy doing are playing volleyball, travelling, baking or cooking and hanging out with my friends. One course that I’m really looking forward to is Food Studies because like I said before I really enjoy cooking and it is one of hobbies, also because I think that this course could also help me in the future. I’ve noticed that I learn best when I study at night, I don’t know why but at night I tend to stay more focused on what I am doing. A thing that I want to get better at this year is procrastinating less and getting my work done earlier on in the day and not waiting until the last few days before an assignment is due to start it. Although I still procrastinate sometimes I have also noticed that I tend to get work done a lot quicker now that I’ve started listening to music while I do my work, I’ve also noticed that I stay a lot more focused on my work as well.

My Favourite Website


My favourite website is Youtube because I think that there is a bunch of different things that you can do on youtube such as watch a variety of different videos because of how many creators are on the website, but you can also listen to music from your favourite artists.

My Favourite Video

My favourite video is the audio for the song Lights up by Harry Styles because it helps me achieve the goal that I have set for myself this year which was to not procrastinate and a way I could do that is by listening to music. So that is why I chose this video because I have been listening to it while I have been completing work and it really helps me stay on task.

My Favourite Image

I chose a picture that I took that represents travelling because travelling has been a big part of my life and some of my best memories so far have been made on some of the trips that I have been on. I also really love travelling and hope to travel around the world when I’m a bit older. I got this photo from a trip I went on in 2019 to Italy and Greece.

My Favourite Quote

“The difference in winning and losing is most often not quitting” -Walt Disney

I find this quote meaningful because it can apply to any situation and also reminds me that if anything goes wrong or not my way that I can overcome those challenges and still be successful in the end, I just have to keep pushing forward and not quitting.