Home Cooking Assignment #6

For the Home Cooking Assignment #6, I made an eggless omelet. This was actually really easy to make. All I needed was some besan (ground flour), all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, parsley, chilli, and onions and instead of regular onions, I used green onions instead. I mice en placed these ingredients and started with mixing the besan and flour together with water. And then I started adding the other ingredients to it. I mixed them all together, heated my pan with butter and added the batter onto the pan. In the end, the omelet turned out incredibly well. I liked the texture, taste and how it tasted with the ketchup. The whole process was very easy and did not take a lot of time and I would recommend anyone making this even though it’s not as healthy as an omelet made of eggs. I would give this recipe a 2/5 because of the lack of nutrition this recipe originally had.


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