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A. I could not really find the problem with ease it required me to dig deeper into the history of bored games and Milton bradly. I was able to find the problem and solution by looking into different people and who they effected the process of the creation of his first bored game. B. i used the backwards design looking into where its going today and how it may not be recreated because of the era we are going into and that we may lose bored games for good because everyone is so into phones. C. yes i was pretty satisfied with the results of my deigns. D. I would refine it by adding more time and clarifying the instructions of the project a little bit more.



Foot Print


When I googled Myself not much came up… Although I was not surprised with what came up. There where lots of stuff of others and Facebook pages, but none of them where mine. Because most of my social media accounts are private. The only things that came up where from figure skating. It was one video from a few years ago and results and standing from old competitions. Which is not to surprising because with the sport that I participate in it is very public, by posting videos online and results and standings. I think my digital footprint shows mostly cautious sharing of information because non of my social media came up and only one photo….. I don’t think this will effect much of my post secondary education because theirs not really any incriminating things. I also do not believe that my footprint because there is not anything inappropriate or harmful of me or them in anyway. I also think this will positively effect future job application because looking up my name you can find anything super bad.

Three strategies – Keeping all your social media accounts privet. – being careful of what you post – be aware of what people tag you in.

I learned that things stay on the internet and things you don’t remember of know of may be on there too. I would go by telling them by, just keeping your friends and family aware of what they say and post online.