What makes us who we are

I planned for my meal to be… hash browns, scrambled eggs, and a smoothie. The hash browns were thoroughly cooked and salty. The eggs were fluffy and soft. The smoothie I made had a lot of caramel ice cream in it and milk(which drowned out some of the sweetness), I added a little bit of my moms vanilla coffee cream because we ran out of vanilla a week ago, and I forgot about it. I also added some raspberries which made it pink, it was hard to taste the raspberries.

I had nothing to compare my meal with because I made it up, didn’t follow anything. I experimented and it turned out great! I could improve on the size of the hash browns because they were so big and took so long to cook. But I rather have big chunks of hash brown, so I can have a soft, moist hash brown. My knife cutting skills have improved so much over this semester, it takes very little time to cut potatoes, I find it easy(not because of the size I cut it.)

How does this food identify you? Well, the sweet drink I made could represent me by being kind and creative. The hash browns could say that I don’t “Judge a book by it’s cover” because they are all different shapes and sizes. The scrambled eggs can say I don’t have to be just 1 thing, like the eggs could have been in any form and still be the same eggs, just a little bit different taste and form. But it’s still an egg, meaning I could be many things like an artist, a bookworm, animal lover, all different but I’d still be the same person. It represents my culture if you put it this way: I am from many parts of the world, from Germany, Canada, Scotland, altogether it goes well(don’t get technical with me people just don’t); the food is all different, but it goes together and makes 1 good thing.

My parents enjoyed the food I made, I thought the food was good. But now I’ve got no ice cream to eat.


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