my utopian city


We value community in our town, as to show we have made a community center for citizens to gather and socialize. We also have plenty of flied space for outdoor community events. 


We have a large un-touched forest next to our town for animals in the area to live and for the citizens to breath clean and fresh air. Another thing that we have added is lots of flowers. We made sure to have animals on a farm so, the citizens have a sustainable food source along with the vegetable garden we have. This provides all the food for the town, so they do not have to rely on other places for food.  


We felt that safety was an important value for us while making our city. We wanted to make sure that it was a safe place for the citizens to live. To assure the towns safety we have installed a gate around to perimeter of the town. And in case of accidents, we have a hospital. 


We have multiple community gardens and ponds for our citizens. Where they can hang out and work together while gardening and fishing. Creating strong, long lasting friendships in our town. We also have a large fire pit for the citizens to enjoy. 


In our town we value education, to support that we have a school for all the children to attend so we can have a continuously evolving community. 

Colours and symbols: 

We have many flowers to symbolize happiness while also helping the environment. The community center is yellow to symbolize the sun and happiness and the warmth of the community. 

Communication reflection

We decided to choose Minecraft to build our city, the reason we chose it is we where both familiar with it. My partner and i worked well together, making sure we both had ideas coming into it and sharing the work load. We spent a lot of time working on the design and developing the values and i am very happy with the way it turned out. We used our time very well, making sure to use our class time and free time at home very wisely.


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