Immigration and BNA board game

Here is a picture of my board game.

This post is a reflection of the board game I made in Mr. Oriel’s socials 9 class. The board game is about of people come over to b British north America which is now known as Canada. In the board game when you are going over to Canada you can get a disseise on the boat because that was common because lots of people were crammed in on the boat because most of the people were poor. It is made to look like England and British north America because most of the people who came to British north America were English. By landing on different spots, you could get resources. The first to settle in British north America wins.

My board game looks like a map of England on the right and British north America on the left. It is designed to look like a map because this way you can sail across the ocean to British north America. The blue spots on the way there to BNA are sicknesses. This simulates how dangerous to get to BNA. The ships were called coffin ships because it was so dangerous.

I can form new ideas to create new things I showed this by make up the boardgame by myself and getting the idea to make the board a map. this way you can sail from England to BNA.

I can develop a body of creative work over time by working on the board game over time and colouring it to make it look better and more like a map. i also put a sea monster on it too.

Digital Footprint

I used Canva to create this poster

Personal/Social Core Competency Self-Assessment

I make digital and ethical choices such as thinking before I post something online in order to stay safe and keep my digital footprint positive.

By doing the practice of thinking before posting online, I make a positive difference to my peers.

Some of my preferred strategies for maintaining a heathy/balanced presence include thinking before posting.

Works cited

Meal Planning Assignment


Problem: the purpose of this assignment is to make a meal plan by communicating with our group members and making logical choices on what, who, and when people are cooking.


This is the table that I used to plan the assinment. This is the solution to the problem.


We have chosen 6:30 every night because this time the whole family is home at this time. the reason that we are doing this when everyone is home is because it is better for everyone to eat at the same time as a family.   

On Monday Teen 2 is making grilled cheese sandwiches because grilled cheese is an easy food to make, and Teen 2 does not have much experience in the kitchen.  

On Tuesday we chose teen 1 to make this because it is a medium difficulty dish, and they have lots of time before dinner.  

On Wednesday teen 2 is cooking because they have lots of time. This is an excellent choice because teen 2 can cook medium dishes. 

On Thursday parent 1 is cooking because this is a medium dish and teen 2 has already cooked twice so parent 1 is going to cook this dish. This is an excellent choice because parent 1 has time on this day.  

On Friday parent 2 is cooking because they have lots of time and parent 2 can cook well, plus they have lots of time.


Collaboration Reflection

We shared info by typing it out and using our words to communicate and share our ideas. Technology was helpful because we were able to share the same word document and it would update in real time. It was difficult at first because there were conflicting changes, but then we smoothed out those problems and got to work. The way we gave each other tasks was by putting that on top of the document on the first day. The tasks I completed were the justifications, part of the table, the references, and the problem. You can see evidence of me doing this because you can see my writing style and grammar. Plus, in class you could see me typing lots.

Self Assessment: Collaboration and Critical Thinking.

I know the group is working well together when I hear their keyboards typing and they are not talking. and i could see them on the word document that i sared with them.

One of the ways I ensure my group is clear on the common purpose is to make sure that they are doing the right work and if they are not doing it right, i will leave it and show the teacher if it is right or wrong.

Others find my feedback useful because I tell it to them loudly and clear.

I remain open minded as I explore viable options or alternative approaches, like when I chose to use Abir’s idea instead of mine when we were chooseing what kind of food we were going to use for the project.

math 9 core compentency self reflection

creative thinking

An example of when I built of of my own ideas was when I was doing the journal for the order of opeations unit. When good ideas were not coming to me, I took a break and did somthing else for a little bit, and then I went back to the math. I spent a lot time on the daily assignments and put a good amount of effort into them.

core competancy self reflection social studies 9


i did well on the comunication par of the project because i think that i can answer the questions in detail by useing big words to describe it and i kept eye contact most of the time. i also think that i spoke very loudly because everyone understood me. i could have done better by preparing more because it would have been better to have a picture even though i did a good job describing it.

Critical & Reflective Thinking

I did well making judgements on my project. I think that i also took constuctive critisisum well. i can reflect on my thinking.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

 Social Awareness & Responsibility in BCA 12

I can properly demonstrate responsibility by not cheating. A challenge was trying to guess what the other persons drawing was. I learned that if some one lies that lie can change the final project. I can use this in everyday life by trusting groupmates to do their part of the work. this is important because you need to learn how to let people trust you. In this assignment I demonstrated Social Awareness & Responsibility by working together to pass down the word using pictures drawn of Microsoft word. We did this by working on a picture on everyone’s computers. We had to be responsible to not cheat and we had to be socially aware because we had to guess what people’s drawings where.

Advertisement and Persuasion

My Advertisement

the Advertisement is trying to get you to buy the mouse that is on the poster. it is useing tecniques like band wagon. it is useing band wagon because the maneger from logitech said it was a fan favorite. another tecniqe would be special offer because it said that the mouse was 49 dollers.

Core Competency Reflection

i think that i did well on the comunication part because i spoke loudley and clear. i also had lots of eye contact with the class. i also think i did well on creative thinking by makeing the cool poster. i thought i did very well on that by takeing the picture myself and useing colours for the poster. link to poster is above.