Buffalo Chickpea Quesadillas with Cashew “cheese” Sauce

For tonights dinner I wanted to make a vegetarian dish. I saw this recipe in a youtube video a couple weeks ago and I wanted to try it out. The safety for this recipe is knife, stove and blender safety. I liked this recipe because the filling of the quesadilla is made from chickpeas instead of chicken or cheese. The sauce I made is a Mexican “cheese” sauce. It was made from cashews which give it a creamy texture. The first thing that I did for this recipe was soak the cashews. I put them in a bowl with boiling water for one hour to “cook” and soften them. While the cashews were soaking I prepped the rest of my ingredients. It saves a lot of time if you measure everything first, instead of doing it as you go. For the chickpea filling, I started by melting butter and adding Franks red hot sauce, garlic powder and brown sugar. I added a bit less hot sauce since I don’t like it too spicy. I set it aside and sautéed my onions and garlic and then added the chickpeas and the butter sauce with one green onions. For the cashew sauce I added the cashews, plain yogurt, salsa, veggie broth, cumin, chili powder and paprika. I didn’t add the nutritional yeast that it called for because I couldn’t find any at the store. I blended all the ingredients together and it turned into a thick and creamy sauce. I spread the sauce on my tortilla and then added the chickpeas and cooked it in the pan until both sides were golden brown. This tasted so much better than I thought it would. It was so flavour fun and it had the perfect amount of spice. The sauce was a great replacement for cheese, I didn’t even miss it. This recipe is 5/5 for sure and will totally make it again. It definitely met the product standards for being golden brown and having melted cheese with bold flavors!


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