Lab 19C: Determination of a Solubility Product Constant

Our Evidence

My Core Competency #CommunicationCC

While completing this lab, my partner Dylan and I were focussing on collaborating and clearly communicating with each other so that our procedure would run smoothly and we would finish on time. The first 3 images from the lab shows the product of mixing Pb(NO3)2 and KI to make KNO3 and PbI2 which was the shiny and sparkly precipitate. The last image shows how we heated up the test tubes with precipitate until they were fully dissolved. First communicating we assigned roles for the lab and we figured out who would grab certain materials to set up the lab so we wouldn’t waste anytime. During the Lab I was the one mixing the reactants and completing the procedure and Dylan was assisting me when I needed extra hands and by writing down the data we observed. For example when we were heating up the labeled test tubes with precipitate I was doing the stirring, observing and calling out when each precipitate fully dissolved and Dylan wrote down our information. Throughout most of the lab my partner and I communicated whenever it was necessary and an example of this would be that when we were pouring and mixing the solutions we talked about what amount Pb(NO3), water and KI had to be in each test tube. Doing this helped as we had no troubles or mix ups in test tubes and we were very efficient in completing our work.

If there is a next time we complete this lab I would heat up the test tubes individually and one at a time so that we can focus on one tube and get a precise observation on when the ppt fully dissolves. It will make our data more accurate, even though it takes more time it would help as it was hard to see if the preciptate fully dissolved when the test tube was surronded by other test tubes that still had a precipitate in them.


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