Graphing My Parabola

By: Aidan

My Parabola and its Graph

The Signifigance of Each Value

The A value: The “A” value (+1/4) is a fraction which causes the parabola to be wider and not as narrow as if it was a whole number that had a greater value. The bigger the “A” value te narrower the parabola. Also, the “A” value is positive which makes the parabola open up and if it was negative it would open down.

The H value: The “H” value shifts the axis of symmetry or the horizontal value to the left as since the value (+1) it will shift one left. Another effect to the parabola is that the “H” value helps to determine where the vertex of the parabola will be as it will define the x value of the vertex. The y=x2 does not have a “H” so it won’t shift horizontally.

The K value: The “K” value (+2) shifts the parabola up 2 as it is positive and it defines the y value of the vertex. Since the y=x2 has no k value the parabola does not shift vertically.

Self Assessment

While completing this project I displayed the mathematical equation and idea in three different ways. First, I used the mathematical equation and rewrote it. Secondly I input the equation into to desmos and compared it directly with a standard parabola which is above. Lastly I summarized each value in the equation, what each value does and how it affected the shape of my parabola.

I used mathematical vocabulary that I recently learned when I summarized the values of each unknown and explained what each one of the values I had in my parabola did to change the parabola. For example I justified how the H value shifts the axis of symmetry along the X axis depending on if its a positive making it shift left or negative making it shift right.

One of the many ways I used formating to show my work distinctly was using the snipping tool to transfer my equation the simple parabola equation and my graph to see it clearly. Also, I used headings to organized each section, therefore making it easy to identify where my work is being displayed and making it straight forward.

PHE 10 AH Reflection

My Product

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Today, I am feeling very tired right now, but I’m very excited for summer break. Usually before PE I am ready, energetic and wanting to participate. I am able to communicate with my classmates and make gym class enjoyable for everyone.

Personal Health and Awareness

Some of my traits/ skills that make me a leader in the area of physical and/or mental health include that I can help the people around me improve on skills they want to work on and I can demonstrate the proper techniques to my classmates. I make ethical choices such as not participating in class if Im seriously injured in order to be able for my injury to heal and not to make it worse. When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I will tend to work hard and put more effort into what I want to accomplish so I can get receive better results. Some of the things I do to stay mentally and physically healthy include that I have a routine where I am active working out or doing some sort of physical activity to keep my body healthy and mentally I read often to keep my brain stimulated and thinking.

Core Competency Reflection

I find it easy to be part of a group as I am a very strong leader I am able to communicate with my group to get work done efficiently and learn new skills.

I can identify my strengths and identify my potential as I see my weaknesses and choose what I need to work for my skills.

I give, receive, and act on feedback to progress in my goals by working harder and putting more time on working on my goals.

I recognize my emotions and use strategies to manage them as if I need to take a break from what I am doing and I can try to work around obstacles to always improve.

The Simpsons

My Analysis

Creating and Communication

This unit on “The Simpsons” gave me a better understanding of irony, satire and allusions as first we were taught what the devices were. After, we watched the show and wrotes notes on examples of each writing device that was in the show and scenarios that the writer inputed to the script. I was able to express my ideas as I brainstormed and prepared for the in class write and I wrote a essay on my opinion of what made the Simpsons successful. For example, I said that the characters were very unique and the creator went in depth with each characters personality. One of the strategies I used to improve my essay was that the night before I plotted out my ideas and I had a sense of what I was going write, which helped me organize my ideas and be successful. I also, proof read my paragraph and took out any unecessary words.

Core Competency

I compile and synthesize information to draw reasoned conclusions, such as when I went throught many examples that I wrote down and used the ones I thought were the best.

I use evidence to make judgements or decisions as demonstrated in this by watching the show, I analyzed the parts where the devices were used and I had to make decisions if it was a good example that I was able to understand how the devices were used to make me laugh.

I remain open minded as I explore viable options or alternative approaches, like when I was choosing what my thesis I thought of what would be best and make the most sense. This decision would alter my whole essay and I made the right choice.

Acid-Base Titration Lab

Initial Volume of NaOH: 0.04mL

Final Volume of NaOH: 14.35mL

Volume Used of NaOH: 14.31mL

Curricular Competency Explanation

A titration is the procedure that we used to find the concentration of a solution. During this lab we used a titration to neutralize the soultions of NaOH and HCl. NaOH being the base and HCl being the acid. When mixing these solutions we make water. The equivalent point of the reaction of NaOH and HCl was 14.355mL. We figured this out by placing 3 small drops of phenolphthalein in the erlenmeyer flask to be an indicator to see when we neutralized the acid and the base. After doing a couple small half drops we swished around the solution in the erlenmeyer flask and the solution turned slightly pink and that is when we knew when to stop. We got this 14.355mL by taking the two volumes of the NaOH and we averaged it out. After the procedure we were able to find the concentration of the HCl by changing the mL to L and multiplying it by the molarity to find the amount of moles of NaOH it took to neutralize the solution. After this we changed the the moles of NaOH to moles of HCl and from there we just needed to calculate the concentration by dividing the amount of moles by 0.0100L which was the amount of HCl used. That is how we figured out that the concentration of the HCl was 0.14355M.

Core Competency Reflection #ThinkingCC

I used creative thinking by writing down my own notes on the lab of the procedure and they helped me to complete the lab. Another way I used creative thinking was by reflecting on what I could’ve done better and what mistakes I did. For example I would use a funnel next time I pour the NaOH into the buret to get more accurate numbers. I used critical and reflective thinking by doing the procedure multiple times to get the perfect numbers. I also, used feedback given from my teacher to change how I did the procedure to be more accurate and record the data I needed.

Japanese Internment Camps

By: Aidan Grewal

All Japanese Canadians are currently undergoing a tricky situation,

just based on their race. Most not if all are being threatened due

to issues surrounding them which are out of their control. The

Canadian government has put the Japanese Canadians in Internment

camps, which seems wrong, but they are doing the whole country a

favor in my opinion by not risking the chances of the Japanese

Canadians being spies and giving valuable information to Japan to

invade Canada. They are also, protecting the Japanese Canadians and

ensuring their safety because many racist Canadians were attacking

them before being put in the camps for being “threats to society.” The

Canadian government has done the right thing to make sure everyone

feels safe and are protected while everyone is going through terror and

fears of an invasion by Japan.

Core Competencies and Self Reflection

I did analyze evidence from the research I did and made judgements by going over my notes and making sure I understand the signifigant parts of the events.

  I can now understand and tell, after examining the facts of the possible threat from Japanese- Canadians in Canada and the opinions of various people, the difference between fact and opinion. I learned to find all the side of the story and the positives and the negatives before making my judgements on the events.

I now understand and can appreciate diverse perspectives on issues and can resolve problems effectively and responsibly.  I did this by looking at what everyone had go through and what was best for them so I can make the right desicions.

Curricular Competencies


I made an ethical judgement about the action of internment the Japanese-Canadians in my paragraph.  I did this by analyzing the iniatial issue and looking at the outcomes and I chose the outcome that would benefit both sides.

I did assess and explained the significance of Canadian treatment of Japanese-Canadians on Canada’s present day views of equality and status under the law in my research handout.     

I did assess and explained the changes the non-Japanese-Canadians went through in my research handout. I went through my notes and analyzed the information and I stated the change of lifestyles that the people had to go through.


My Model Town

By: Aidan Grewal

Creating a Model Factory Town

City: Bakaloo County nickname: (GOLD RUSH) In Puerto Rico

Company: Leland Factories LTD.

Elements: Big oil city with big deposits underneath the city, Mountains with mines nearby and a river called Walcom river which is usually filled with ships coming in and out to deliver coal to other countries and cities around the world.

Population: 2,000 residents

The city was found by Joseph Junior Gonzalez III when he found gold in the Mines in 1704 and he wanted to keep it a secret from the others. Eventually the Europeans came to Puerto Rico and discovered the rich gold mines and they took advantage of the land. The locals did not like this and a war began in February 1705. The war was big and bloody, but eventually the Europeans won and took over the land. Sadly, Joseph Gonzalez III was killed in the war protecting his land, The city is now filled with mostly white people and they occasionally get visitors for the mines. There are lions at city hall that represent Joseph Junior Gonzalez III and his city.

Media Fluency Reflection

I used Fornite to build the city and there were very few problems, but one thing I did run into was trying to place everything perfectly so that it would look good and it took a long time to make it too.

I was able to use the skills in the planning stage because it guided me through what I was doing and it made the project fun and simple to do on my own.

I did not do any research before I got started on the project, but what makes this town authentic and make believe is the history I made up and different buildings used to create my city.

I feel like there was no other better online software that I could’ve used because I was familiar with the application I used making it easier for me to use and access and I had a lot of experience.

Comic Strip Story (Tyrone’s Journey, Rags to Riches)

By: Aidan Grewal and Lucas Lepinski

The theme of this Comic strip is “ Hard work pays off and it can lead to success in ones life .” In my group it was Lucas and I who worked on this Comic Strip together. I did the writing part of the story while Lucas did the animation part. we worked together and helped each other when we needed it.

About Me

My Bio

My name is Aidan Grewal.

Some words that describe me is that, I play sports like hockey and basketball, I am small, but I have a big voice, and that I enjoy hanging out with my friends. Some of my strengths are that I have good work ethic, I am strong at math, and I enjoy learning. Some of my weaknesses are that I get distracted very easily and it’s difficult for me to focus. I learn best by seeing a visual representation on the concept. I struggle when I am not engaged with what we are doing in the classroom.

My Favorite Website

YouTube is my favorite website because during this quarantine, I personally have been really bored. I was thinking what to do until I thought of watching YouTube. I love YouTube because there is always new content on there and there is a bug variety of things to watch on there. For example I watch basketball highlights and video games on there. I use the website when I am bored because it cures my boredom.

My Favorite Video

This is the Best video because it shows Lebron James career.

This is my favorite video because Lebron is my favorite basketball player and that it shows what his greatest moments were in his career. He has been my favorite player ever since I was 5 years old.

My Favorite Image

The Hubble Space Telescope Allows Us To See How Cool Space Is. Take a look

This one of my favorite pictures because I love mystery’s. Any picture of space is cool because there is so much unexplored areas in space that we still have to find. I also like space because, of the colours and the different planets in the universe.

My Favorite Quote

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

By Wayne Gretzky