Winter poem anthology



Something that is innovative about my presentation is, I think it is very well organized and put together. I used a website to find the poems I chose, this website aloud me to look up my topic, and many poems under that subject popped up. I enjoyed making the graph, and I enjoyed seeing what it looked like once it was a flipbook shape. Something I could improve on is figuring out how to place the poems in my presentation nicer because I struggled with that. I learned that there was a lot of ways to make a presentation more fun and interesting.

Speech unit refection

  1. Something I learned during this information fluency project is, the structure of debates and how to properly debate with someone. I learned this by observing other people during there debates because unfortunately, I was away the day I was scheduled to present my debate, so our presentations became separate and slightly altered.(there was no cross examination.)
  2. The online tool I used was Citation machine, I found it quite useful to find reliable sources for my topic and I will use it again.
  3. I used websites to find my information.
  4. Something I could do to improve my research skills would be I could try finding my information other ways than usual, like finding it by using books for example.
  5. I am sorry that this is in late I was absent the day it was introduced.

Revolution timeline

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My reflection

a. I was able to identify the problems with ease, I found the problems and solutions by looking up the problems with the modern roads and reading through the articles.

b. i was able to dream of the future easily because everyone always talks about flying cars in the future and because my innovation is roads that was quite easy for me. Yes i was able to identify my problems and solutions through that process.

c. Yes i was satisfied by the end, but because i have never used sway before it was challenging, the only reason i wanted to use sway was because i had trouble embedding my powerpoint last time and i didn’t want that to happen again, last time i had to come see u quite a few times because of that issue.

d. I would refine my assignment by using a platform i was more comfortable with because this was really confusing on sway, because i have only ever used sway.