English 11 Poetry Reflection

My Poem

This is the poem i wrote about one of my favourite fruits, the pomegranate.

Curricular Competencies Reflection

The purpose of this poem was to show the beauty and depth in every day things that are often looked over, it shows that everything in our every day lives has a underlying meaning. This poem was directed to anyone who would be interested in becoming more connected to beautiful things in their life, This poem is personal to me because I always thought pomegranates were really unique and beautiful fruit. I planned this poem out by first deciding to use a Shakespearean rhyme scheme for the structure of the poem, and made sure to incorporate many poetic devices. In order to paint a better picture in this poem I used as many descriptive words as I could.

Creative Thinking Core Competency Reflection.

I chose the topic for my poem by thinking about my favourite food or fruit and vegetable because of Pablo Neruda‘s poems. I formed my own original idea to create the poem by thinking about how it felt to look at feel and eat pomegranates. A strategy that really helped stimulate my imagination was to follow a rhyme scheme because if I had to rhyme the last word it was easier to find what to say. Something innovative about my poem was I talked about how the pomegranate affected me and how I feel they are not worth all the work it takes to get to enjoy them. I could work on trying to use more complex poetic devices.