Winter poem anthology



Something that is innovative about my presentation is, I think it is very well organized and put together. I used a website to find the poems I chose, this website aloud me to look up my topic, and many poems under that subject popped up. I enjoyed making the graph, and I enjoyed seeing what it looked like once it was a flipbook shape. Something I could improve on is figuring out how to place the poems in my presentation nicer because I struggled with that. I learned that there was a lot of ways to make a presentation more fun and interesting.

Speech unit refection

  1. Something I learned during this information fluency project is, the structure of debates and how to properly debate with someone. I learned this by observing other people during there debates because unfortunately, I was away the day I was scheduled to present my debate, so our presentations became separate and slightly altered.(there was no cross examination.)
  2. The online tool I used was Citation machine, I found it quite useful to find reliable sources for my topic and I will use it again.
  3. I used websites to find my information.
  4. Something I could do to improve my research skills would be I could try finding my information other ways than usual, like finding it by using books for example.
  5. I am sorry that this is in late I was absent the day it was introduced.