Cooking at home #1

sushi bowl

For this lab I made a sushi bowl (this could be considered a poke bowl but it dose not have raw fish in it .) My inspiration for this meal was, that i really wanted sushi at the time…. looking through my pantry i had all the fix ins to make California rolls but I did not have sushi seaweed. So I made the brown sticky rice and added ponzu and sesame sauce alone with ‘soy sauce’ and brought it a boil and cooked the rice. After I cut up the left over avocado and the left over intimation crab. After I cut up the crab I added mayo say sauce, sesame oil into the mixture; then I put all the sauces into the rice again to give it more flavor then I added the avocado and crab mixture. After that I put “garlic blaster seasoning blend” *my new favorite seasoning* and “katsuo fumi furikake rice seasoning” and “tajin classico” with a little bit of pepper to top it off.

I did not use a recipe to make this meal. If I were to make this meal again I would not use brown sticky rice (that is what I had at the time) because I find its really hard and dose not get sticky. A challenge I over came was not having the sushi roll seaweed; so I made it a sushi bowl. I am most proud of the final product making something new. I am most proud of this meal because I over came a wall and found something new to do with my prep and idea.


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