What makes us who we are – final home lab


For my meal I planned to make a poke bowl. With a side of Edamame. With the dessert being a double chocolate cake for my brothers birthday. For the poke bowl i wanted to keep it basic and a family favorite with the basic poke bowl add-ins. Moving on to the side, i wanted too keep it simple because the bowl is so filling and has so much flavor. So i chose to make the side something you can eat on the side or add it into the dish. Now to the chocolate cake i made a “wacky” cake with 3 layers of dark chocolate in the middle, and chocolate frosting. My meal Was not too far off from what i wanted it to be. I Cooked white sticky rice and put ‘soy sauce’ ‘sesame oil’ and ‘ponzu” then i put the rice into bowls. i added rice seasoning seasoning garlic powder and garlic sprinkling on the rice. I added the toppings ( types of tuna sashimi, cucumbers, intimation crab, avocado.) then i boiled the side dish and begin cooking the cake. (https://www.thekitchenmagpie.com/crazy-cake-or-wacky-cake-recipe/ cake recipe I believe i showed strength in the following skills: I showed strength in icing and decorating the cake because the crumble coat went super well and it covered the cake completely and i decorated half of it with gold sprinkles and the other side with 17 candles. This dish shows significance because it is a dish that connects to my backgrounds and it is a dish that my whole family enjoys. It also has a super good healthy foods ratio so its super yummy and super healthy. This dish reflects on who i am because its simple yet complected at the same time kind of reflecting my personalty.


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