My Most Memorable Food Experience

My most memorable food experience was at Kishimoto, a sushi restaurant in downtown Vancouver. After a LONG day of shopping, bussing around from store to store, my friend Jessica and I were nothing but exhausted, hungry, and ready to go home. As we sat in the bus on our way to the sky train, we were trying to decide if we wanted Fresh Slice pizza or a Subway sandwich. The bus was at it’s last stop before the sky train station when I noticed a sushi restaurant right across the street. Sushi sounded pretty good right about then. I quickly looked at Jess and she nodded her head, she was thinking the same thing. We ran out of the bus and crossed the street towards the restaurant. It was a pretty average looking sushi restaurant, but beneath looks, it was so much more than that. The lady at the door greeted us and showed us to our booth. After awhile of looking through the menu options, we agreed on each getting a Miso Soup, and sharing the “Omg Roll” and “Spicy Dynamite Roll”, both of which we had never tried. We asked our server where the “Omg Roll” got it’s name, and apparently the first time the chef made it, he made the sauce way too spicy and yelled out “OH MY GOD!!!”. First we were served our Miso Soup. It smelled amazing. I held the warm bowl in my hands and took a sip. As always, it tasted delicious; warm and flavourful. Next we got our sushi rolls. Both dishes were presented beautifully. We tried out the “Oh My God” roll first, and Oh. My. God. Everything about it was devine. In this roll there was avocado, sweet miso, tempura bits, and a spicy sauce drizzled on top. The tempura bits gave it the perfect crunch and the sauce had a pleasant kick to it. The Spicy Dynamite Roll had a similar flavour to the Omg Roll, and the two added tempura prawns, peeking out from an end of each roll brought along a great texture. Every bite of our food blew us away, and so we ended up ordering a second of each dish.


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