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Hi, my name is Meadow. Some things you should know about me are that I really love clothes, good food, animals, and vacations. In my opinion, a vacation doesn’t always mean travelling over to some exotic paradise like Hawaii (not that Hawaii isn’t breathtaking), but I see going on a little camping trip as a great vacation as well.

Some words I could be described as are understanding, polite, and meticulous. Meticulous is a word I learned recently, used describe someone who’s careful and cautious about what they’re doing, and doesn’t take risks. I don’t take many risks because I’m scared that my ideas might be wrong. This is something I would love to improve on!

My favourite way to express myself and let out all my thoughts is by talking to my bestfriend, Kara. For the past 3 or 4 years, we’ve spent most of our days on Facetime with each other. I met Kara in grade one when she was drawing a picture and I told her I liked the way she draws her flowers. We became inseparable and stayed best friends even after she moved away in grade two.

my favourite website

I chose Pinterest as my favourite website because it’s creative and I learn a lot from it. There’s fashion, quotes, recipes, art, animals, and more. I can find inspiration for ANYTHING on there.

my favourite video

My favourite video is called “I Made Only 3-Ingredient Recipes For A Day”. This is my favourite video because I love cooking and it taught me easy and delicious recipes. It’s also a very aesthetic and relaxing video.

my favourite image

This photo is meaningful to me because it’s a picture of my family and I when we went to Maui in 2014. This was a very memorable trip and we all had a great time. Life was so simple back then : )

my favourite quote

The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else. -Craig Groeschel

I like this quote because it reminds me to appreciate what I have and that just because I may be not as good as someone else, doesn’t mean I’m not good enough for myself.


  • https://www.pinterest.com/
  • https://youtu.be/86QgYvlWEU0

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