Cooking at home option #4

Skill learned Recently, my mom has been baking really often. I’ve been watching her bake several different types of baked goods but so far the on thing I’ve been wanting to learn how to make was bread. I decided to make Nutella bread since it’s my favourite from the variety of bread she has made. The main skill I learned was making the swirls in the bread. It was really hard to create the swirls because you had to make sure the knots you made were tight but I wasn’t making them tight enough so my bread kept unraveling.

Success and challenges A couple challenges for me were rolling out the dough and making perfect swirls. I had realized that I needed to let the dough sit for a bit because it kept bouncing back every time I had rolled it so my mom had to explain that I should’ve let the dough sit before trying to roll it. The Swirls were complicated but once you understand to tighten the knots it will be a lot easier and the bread would look really nice. I feel like my successes were the taste because it tasted really good and I also think the way it came out was really nice.

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