Life Saving Measures

3 Takeaways from the Naloxone presentations

  1. You cannot get arrested for possession of drugs if you call for help for a someone.
  2. Some signs of an overdose are if someone cannot be woken up, cold, dizzy, very small pupils, and discolored lips.
  3. Naloxone temporarily reverses an opioid overdose.

    Reflect on the impact these sessions/topics may have on your life. 

    Drug overdoses are a big problem in BC. It is good to know that you can’t get in trouble when you report an overdose but I wonder if someone who is on drugs would be thinking clearly to make the call.

    Critical and Reflective Thinking Competency Reflection 

    I can analyze evidence to make judgements. 

    I feel that I can listen and do research to get information and I can make decisions. I base these decisions on what I think is right for me.


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