The Importance of Feedback

My Logo

Reflection on Competencies and Content

It is important to use feedback to make changes and improve your product because you have to appeal to the customer. Listening to feedback will help make things better. People will not listen to feedback if it is not positive. That’s why we use the TAG format for feedback. We tell what we like, ask a question and give a suggestion. By telling what we like, the person is already in a good mood to listen when the suggestion comes.

Core Competency Reflection

  1. I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy. I take pride in my work and  myself.

      I choose this competency because I was proud of the logo and I was happy with Ms Caldwell’s comments.

2. I can form new ideas to create new things. I can also build on the ideas of others.

I choose this as my goal to work on. Sometimes I have trouble coming up with ideas. I will work on this by taking risks and trying new things.