Desert Island Project

Desert Island Artifact


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I can inquire into and present on topics of interest and topics related to my studies.

Doing this project I researched many different styles of government.

I can understand how my values shape my choices.

I know my morals and my values impact my choices especially on punishment and laws around food and labor

My values most certainly change my choices on government in my project. I know that the way I grew up and my ideology has a big impact on most of my choices especially when it comes to government and law

I can develop a body of creative work over time.

I can create an outline and put together my previous knowledge to create an assignment like this. I made a project overtime that was pretty good

I can tell the difference between facts and opinion

My opinions are things that I believe but may not have a specific answer to. Facts are things that are proven and have proof to back it up.


I can find it easy to be part of a group.

I should work with groups more in order to get better at understanding others ideas.


How did I create a government highlighting ethical judgments about controversial decisions, legislation, or policy.

I just thought what would work best with a small group of people and I thought about what we learned in class. The needs of the group need to be taken into account or the society falls apart. It would be interesting to think about how my ideas would be different if there was a different number of people in the group.

Social Studies Reflection.

I’m the most proud of this work because it was everything I learned in 1 project. I enjoyed learning about different landmarks because I’ve been to all of them but I never learned about them. This assignment showcases my development in continuity and change competency because I covered the landmarks continuity and changes very well. This project taught me about the city and its landmarks. I could continue to finish projects before the deadline so I can be more organized. This project shows my communication competency. I communicated well by writing about the different landmarks and going into good detail.

Core Competency Self Assessment


Me and my partner distributed our tasks well. He did the research and I did the writing and it worked well. We did not disagree on anything we worked really well! It was helpful to the group dynamic because we got to work well and had a great time. We worked together like PB&J. We communicated well and we checked the work and decided that it was good to hand in.