Core Competencies: Spanish Dialogue

How Can We Improve?

Next time I do a script I would go over the skit multiple times and read it over so that I don’t make simple mistakes like missing el, la, missing accents and using the wrong ser and estar. This would fix the errors we had and it would allow the presenting part to flow easily. I would also, try to elaborate on the topics we talk about and add extra comments to enhance the writing and the way we present the dialogue itself.

Core Competencies

I feel like I used creative thinking while making the dialogue, even though we had guidelines that we had to follow we were able to think outside those rules to make a script that flow. We are able to give some laughs and talk freely as if it was a conversation just between us.

Another Core Competency I used was communicating as I was able to talk with my group mates to create ideas, discuss what our plan would be and give each other some sort of feedback if we wanted to add more to the dialogue or take some parts away.


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