First Peoples English 11

My Writing

Core Competency Reflection

As an active listener, I notice that I pay close attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues, empathize with the speaker’s emotions, seek understanding before responding, maintain eye contact, and engage in reflective listening. I strive to create a safe and supportive space for meaningful communication.

I am clear on the difference between simple “group work” and collaboration as evidenced by the collective effort and shared responsibility exhibited by team members. Effective collaboration involves active participation, open communication, leveraging diverse perspectives, and a unified commitment towards achieving a common goal.

I remain open minded as I explore viable options or alternative approaches, like when my partner and I were doing the Comic Book project we had some disagreed on a couple of things that we wanted to do so we weighed our options and we came to a agreement that allowed us to get the best work that we could have done.

My strategies for collecting relevant information for specific tasks include. My goal is to conduct thorough research using credible sources, utilizing various information retrieval methods, critically evaluating the gathered data, and organizing it in a systematic manner. The goal is to gather accurate and comprehensive information to inform decision-making and enhance task outcomes.

Core Competencies: Spanish Dialogue

How Can We Improve?

Next time I do a script I would go over the skit multiple times and read it over so that I don’t make simple mistakes like missing el, la, missing accents and using the wrong ser and estar. This would fix the errors we had and it would allow the presenting part to flow easily. I would also, try to elaborate on the topics we talk about and add extra comments to enhance the writing and the way we present the dialogue itself.

Core Competencies

I feel like I used creative thinking while making the dialogue, even though we had guidelines that we had to follow we were able to think outside those rules to make a script that flow. We are able to give some laughs and talk freely as if it was a conversation just between us.

Another Core Competency I used was communicating as I was able to talk with my group mates to create ideas, discuss what our plan would be and give each other some sort of feedback if we wanted to add more to the dialogue or take some parts away.


About The Activity

For this project my classmates and I were given a scenario where we went on a flight and our plane crashed on a uninhibited island were all 30 students survived. We had no way to communicate with the anyone for help so we had to create our own government with rules and regulations to keep the society in order. We made our own unique code that consisted of how we vote in our positions in our government and how we assign each person to a job on the island. Than we made our own currency and set up a system that allowed all citizens to be able to vote on new laws to see if they pass and the citizens were able to put their own input to make new laws. Than we had a rule book for all criminal violations that stated the crime and its punishment. We also were asked to think about and demonstrate how effective do we think the code would be, than we had to compare it against Canada’s government and two other past codes on the similarities and differences and finally we talked about the strengths and weaknesses of our code.

Core Competency Reflection

I can understand and share information about a topic of interest in a clear, organized way. I decided to chose this one as I found that I was able to share my work with my partner in a way where we knew where all the information about the project was and I was able to make it very clear to represent our work.

I can give, receive and act on feedback to progress in my goals. I chose this prompt because I shared work with my piers and my teacher and they gave me great feedback that guided me to do some of my best work. With the feedback I received, it helped me know what parts I needed to improve and how I could improve it.

I can form new ideas to create new things. I can also build on the ideas of others. While doing the project I got stuck at many times where I could not put my thoughts together as I used some of the learning we did in class about past legal codes, and I assembled my code of that which helped me make new ideas and adding more information to my code.

I can work with others to achieve a goal. My Parter and I found it easy to work together as we shared our ideas to make our code and whenever we disagreed to came to a point where we discussed and used a little form both sides to make it fair and equal. We ended up doing exactly what we wanted to do to achieve our goal.

My Goal

I consider more than one way to proceed in an investigation. Usually when I start working on something I try to do it one way and one way only, which sometimes works but if you don’t you are not able to create some ideas and you can’t get quality work done. I need to recognize that there are many ways to do work and I can work my way around issues by trying different strategies besides giving up. To reach this goal I will always be asking myself “Can I do this another way?” and looking at the different ways I approach my problems.

Graphing My Parabola

By: Aidan

My Parabola and its Graph

The Signifigance of Each Value

The A value: The “A” value (+1/4) is a fraction which causes the parabola to be wider and not as narrow as if it was a whole number that had a greater value. The bigger the “A” value te narrower the parabola. Also, the “A” value is positive which makes the parabola open up and if it was negative it would open down.

The H value: The “H” value shifts the axis of symmetry or the horizontal value to the left as since the value (+1) it will shift one left. Another effect to the parabola is that the “H” value helps to determine where the vertex of the parabola will be as it will define the x value of the vertex. The y=x2 does not have a “H” so it won’t shift horizontally.

The K value: The “K” value (+2) shifts the parabola up 2 as it is positive and it defines the y value of the vertex. Since the y=x2 has no k value the parabola does not shift vertically.

Self Assessment

While completing this project I displayed the mathematical equation and idea in three different ways. First, I used the mathematical equation and rewrote it. Secondly I input the equation into to desmos and compared it directly with a standard parabola which is above. Lastly I summarized each value in the equation, what each value does and how it affected the shape of my parabola.

I used mathematical vocabulary that I recently learned when I summarized the values of each unknown and explained what each one of the values I had in my parabola did to change the parabola. For example I justified how the H value shifts the axis of symmetry along the X axis depending on if its a positive making it shift left or negative making it shift right.

One of the many ways I used formating to show my work distinctly was using the snipping tool to transfer my equation the simple parabola equation and my graph to see it clearly. Also, I used headings to organized each section, therefore making it easy to identify where my work is being displayed and making it straight forward.

Acid-Base Titration Lab

Initial Volume of NaOH: 0.04mL

Final Volume of NaOH: 14.35mL

Volume Used of NaOH: 14.31mL

Curricular Competency Explanation

A titration is the procedure that we used to find the concentration of a solution. During this lab we used a titration to neutralize the soultions of NaOH and HCl. NaOH being the base and HCl being the acid. When mixing these solutions we make water. The equivalent point of the reaction of NaOH and HCl was 14.355mL. We figured this out by placing 3 small drops of phenolphthalein in the erlenmeyer flask to be an indicator to see when we neutralized the acid and the base. After doing a couple small half drops we swished around the solution in the erlenmeyer flask and the solution turned slightly pink and that is when we knew when to stop. We got this 14.355mL by taking the two volumes of the NaOH and we averaged it out. After the procedure we were able to find the concentration of the HCl by changing the mL to L and multiplying it by the molarity to find the amount of moles of NaOH it took to neutralize the solution. After this we changed the the moles of NaOH to moles of HCl and from there we just needed to calculate the concentration by dividing the amount of moles by 0.0100L which was the amount of HCl used. That is how we figured out that the concentration of the HCl was 0.14355M.

Core Competency Reflection #ThinkingCC

I used creative thinking by writing down my own notes on the lab of the procedure and they helped me to complete the lab. Another way I used creative thinking was by reflecting on what I could’ve done better and what mistakes I did. For example I would use a funnel next time I pour the NaOH into the buret to get more accurate numbers. I used critical and reflective thinking by doing the procedure multiple times to get the perfect numbers. I also, used feedback given from my teacher to change how I did the procedure to be more accurate and record the data I needed.