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  1. The purpose of Factories in the industrial revolution and now, is to produce good quickly and efficiently. It was created to make goods quicker so that businesses can make money faster. It is now being utilized to produce good quickly similarly to the IR, the factories have been improved to work faster without as many mistakes thanks to machines.
  2. A big problem that factories have faced since its creation is pollution. Pollution is a big problem because it affects all life, fish, birds, humans. Factories have dumped garbage into the ocean and land, and have released smoke into the atmosphere.
  3. Factories have stopped dumping garbage into the land and sea which has helped bring down pollution throughout the world. Factories have put trees around their buildings so the CO2 is absorbed. The C or carbon is absorbed by the tree and used to help the trees grow, and the remaining O2 is released into the world.
  4. The solutions listed in question 3. are all very good fixes, they’re not being used as much as they can be. Sure most factories are not dumping trash into the environment. But they are polluting the air. Most factories are using 1 or 2 of the solutions but not all of them. In 25 years I can see factories using all the solutions to further help the environment.