Core Competency


I know the group is working well together when I hear/ see… That we are communicating with each other, all of us in the group, not just one person. But I can always improve by talking first in the group im working with so I can try to get people talking rather than the other group members initiating the talking.

Critical and reflective thinking

I remain open minded as I explore viable options or alternative approaches, like when I… Learn about new things such as doing work and being more organized. I can improve in this area by not learning new methods about learning from my teachers, family or friends.

Creative Thinking

When it seems the good ideas just won’t come to me, I … I ask my peers to help me or i would ask my teacher to further expand the topic that we are suppose to think on. I can also do more research on the topic so more ideas can pop up in my head. I can improve at this by just asking more questions in general about the topic or i ask them to re word it.


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