Emily’s About Me!!!!

My Bio

Hello, my name is Emily. This is my About Me Assignment. So some things you need to know about me are that I enjoy sleeping and having time to myself. I like working alone and preferably in silence because I get easily distracted. Usually, when I do get distracted I try to get back on track by rereading the instructions or if I don’t know where we are I ask the teacher or someone around me. The course I have the most trouble with is socials, as I don’t really enjoy the subject and find it hard to get into the work. The sports I enjoy are volleyball and I used to like wrestling but have recently lost interest. Something that all my teachers and I guess some students need to know is that I’m hard of hearing and have trouble in class sometimes, though I don’t think it will be much of a problem in this class.

My Favourite Website

Link: https://cat-bounce.com/ I chose this website because I find it very amusing to play and is a good website to take a break with while in the middle of doing homework.

My Favourite Video

This is a fan made video from My Hero Academia. I chose this one because i find it very funny and I want to have a more happy and enjoyable year this year.

My Favourite Photo

I chose this because he is one of my favourite characters and this was a very emotional scene. I got this from the anime.

My Favourite Quote

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress? by, Boonaa Mohammed.

This quote is important to me because I think a lot of people try to work on their appearances before they work on themselves and the brains. Society I think would be a lot better if being smart was “cooler” than having the newest clothes and nice hair.


  1. youtube.com
  2. https://cat-bounce.com