What’s the World Around Town?



My Reflections:

  1. Was I able to identify how geography impacts the town/city with ease? How was I able to find how physical geography impacted these areas? – I was able to identify the impact with ease because of the notes my teacher prided for my class
  2. How did the technology personally affect my learning? What were the pros and cons of using maphub.com? Be detailed in your response here. – I did not personally like using map hub just because it was quite confusing to use and I didn’t really understand some of the components with the marking.
  3. Were you satisfied with the result of your design and solutions? – I don’t really know if I am because it’s (for me) quite a confusing assignment so I don’t know if I did it right.
  4. How would you refine your assignment in the future? – I would maybe do it on a different site or explain better how to do and what’s to be done for the project.